15 November 2023
ICT Minister Witnesses Signing of Protocol between ITI, VOIS to Prepare Tech Talent Pool

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Information Technology Institute (ITI) and Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (VOIS).
This protocol is crafted to provide specialized training, intending to equip a skilled workforce in diverse technological domains. The overarching objective is to generate fresh employment opportunities for ITI graduates within VOIS. The training areas encompass software development and testing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data science, information security, and infrastructure.
The protocol extends the collaboration between ITI and VOIS by delivering curricula and training courses in Arabic, free of charge, through the ITI Mahara-Tech platform. These courses cover a range of technological domains essential for the current job market. Additionally, the protocol promotes joint efforts in organizing various tech competitions and sharing experiences to enhance the skills and qualifications of ITI students and graduates, preparing them for the labor market.
The cooperation protocol was signed by ITI Chairwoman Heba Saleh and Head of HR Egypt Center and Global Care at VOIS Rania Salah.
The ICT Minister emphasized that Egypt holds significant competitive advantages in the outsourcing industry and the export of IT services.  Among these advantages is the presence of a highly qualified talent pool across the nation. He underlined that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) offers a diverse range of training programs aimed at building capacities in various technological domains. He highlighted that these training programs are designed to create substantial employment opportunities for youth, align with the needs of outsourcing companies in Egypt, and contribute to the growth of digital services exports.
Over a span of five years, the number of trainees and the budget for training have seen substantial increases, growing from 4,000 trainees annually with a budget of EGP 50 million to 400,000 trainees with a budget of EGP 1.7 billion in the current fiscal year. He also noted that a significant number of young people with expertise in digital technologies are expressing interest in freelancing and remote work.
Talaat also highlighted MCIT ongoing efforts to develop nationwide digital infrastructure, aimed at creating more opportunities in the IT sector for young people engaged in freelancing and to further the growth of digital exports, particularly within the outsourcing industry.
Saleh, in her remarks, underscored the extensive history of the partnership between ITI and VOIS. The collaboration is geared towards providing training and educational services to diverse youth, aligning with MCIT strategy to enhance skills in the ICT sector. She noted that the current ITI-VOIS cooperation has led to a notable increase in the number of trainees and potential job candidates within the company. Additionally, Saleh announced plans for the establishment of a training academy in collaboration with the Institute, aiming to deliver joint training programs for youth.
Saleh emphasized that the cooperation extends to making e-training content available on the ITI Mahara-Tech platform, providing training services across all IT sectors.
It is noteworthy that VOIS serves as the strategic arm of Vodafone Group Plc, contributing to the enhancement of service quality and efficiency across 28 countries globally. VOIS engages in partnerships with other companies to generate additional value for businesses and offers a range of top-tier technology and outsourcing services. Additionally, VOIS has established its presence in various countries, entering the Egyptian market, with the number of Egyptian professionals reaching over 9,200 employees.
Salah explained that signing the protocol with ITI comes within the framework of VOIS interest in establishing strategic partnerships with MCIT-affiliated entities, in light of MCIT ongoing and increasing interest in the outsourcing industry, especially in the technological domains. She referred to MCIT keenness to develop training, qualify youth to join the labor market, and create decent opportunities for increasing investments in the sector, especially in outsourcing.
For his part, Technology Shared Services and Group IT Operations Director at VOIS Pedro Sardo highlighted the distinctive talents and highly competitive capabilities of Egyptian resources, with their ability to adapt to all rapid and successive developments. Sardo also acknowledged the remarkable development in the ICT sector, noting that the information infrastructure has experienced significant growth. This growth has not only attracted direct international investments to the industry but has also positioned it as one of the most significant elements for attracting businesses to the Egyptian market.
The Global Technology Director at VOIS Mohamed Sami highlighted that Egyptian youth have demonstrated superiority in technology within the company. He pointed out that the company is planning to increase its business to create more than 1,000 new job opportunities during the next two years within the company’s technology sector.
Sami added that VOIS also aims to create other job opportunities for persons with disabilities (PwDs) to suit their abilities, integrate them into the company’s workforce in various fields, and create a decent work environment to empower them to fulfill their job requirements.

The significance of the signed protocol with ITI is emphasized by the institute's substantial capabilities. These capabilities have played a crucial role in augmenting the skills of its graduates across various technological fields, enabling them to adeptly navigate the successive developments in the global information technology industry, Sami underscored.
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