19 November 2023
ELCC Fosters Digital Inclusion in Qena through e-Learning Awareness Sessions, Workshops

The E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), affiliated with the Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), conducted a series of awareness sessions and workshops in Qena Governorate on November 14-17. The aim was to build digital capacities and upskill youth in diverse community development areas.

The awareness sessions and workshops were conducted as part of the coordinated efforts outlined in the cooperation protocol between MCIT and Qena Governorate, aimed at achieving digital community development and enhancing individuals' capacities.

An introductory session was held to highlight the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and MCIT. The objective is to prepare and develop digital skills and capacities, fostering e-learning among students and professors in Qena.

Additionally, two awareness sessions were conducted to further promote e-learning. The first session focused on mentors within the directorates of education in Qena, while the second targeted faculty staff at the Faculty of Specific Education at South Valley University (SVU). These sessions were part of enhancing awareness and supporting the e-learning industry, aiming to create job opportunities in this field.

Moreover, a meeting took place with the Deputy Governor of Qena and members of the committee responsible for implementing the cooperation protocol, representing both MCIT and Qena. The meeting delved into plans and means to address potential challenges and fulfill the necessary requirements for implementing the protocol. The collaboration involves working in conjunction with relevant authorities and is based on three key pillars. These pillars include developing the digital capacities and skills of youth to qualify them for freelancing, facilitating the provision and dissemination of e-learning while supporting its industry. This is in addition to raising awareness of and addressing the risks associated with climate and environmental changes.

In addition, ELCC team visited the e-learning centers in Qena, namely New Qena foundation, Misr Public Library, and the Information Technology and Communication Center (ITCC) in SVU. Moreover, several meetings were also organized with officials and representatives from civil society organizations (CSOs), SVU officials, and the Director and mentors of the Technology Development Center to discuss enhancing cooperation with these institutions to meet the digital requirements of individuals in Qena Governorate.

MCIT is actively developing telecommunications infrastructure, driving digital transformation, leveraging technology to benefit society, and playing a pivotal role in enhancing the educational system and promoting e-learning initiatives.

ELCC was founded in 2004 by MCIT in collaboration with Cisco Systems. The Center is a leading organization in the field of e-learning, with a proven track record and extensive experience in organizing in-depth courses in e-learning and e-content production.
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