27 November 2023
‘Digital Visual Content Production for Social Media’ Program Launches within Qodwa-Tech

Within the Qodwa-Tech initiative for women's empowerment, a new training track focusing on “digital visual content production for social media” has been launched. The new program is part of a broader range of training tracks offered within Qodwa-Tech, including social media marketing, e-commerce, and AI.
The objectives of Qodwa-Tech include fostering digital empowerment for female entrepreneurs, involving women in the digital transformation journey, and providing support to small businesses. The initiative provides cutting-edge training programs and technologies in the domains of digital platforms, applications, and software, aiming to equip trainees with the necessary digital skills to succeed and thrive in the digital economy.
The new track features training sessions held during November and December. Women who own handicraft projects are trained to utilize social media platforms to promote their products, services, and skills. Additionally, they participate in comprehensive training sessions focused on developing compelling and engaging scripts for short video clips, providing concise introductions to their products, services, or skills.
Participants also receive training in editing video clips and photos using user-friendly, open-source applications. The aim is to help trainees expand the reach of their projects and gain a competitive edge in local and global markets.
In a similar vein, the training of batches five and six of the Advanced Digital Skills program by Qodwa-Tech has kicked off, focusing on women who are proprietors of product or service projects. Training for each batch spans 18 hours, with 70 women entrepreneurs joining the program.
The participants receive insights into recent developments on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Business, and TikTok. They also gain the know-how to establish a LinkedIn account. Moreover, the program offers an overview of AI and instructs on leveraging its tools to formulate marketing strategies, identify target customers, generate promotional content for projects, and design images using AI tools.
It is worth highlighting that Qodwa-Tech provides training across various fields, attending to the digital needs of participants and assisting them in staying updated on advancements in digital marketing, e-commerce, and AI tools in marketing, design, and content production. The aim is to equip women entrepreneurs with digital marketing skills, fortifying their position in the business ecosystem and helping them succeed and thrive in domestic and international markets.
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