14 January 2024
MCIT, AOI Conclude Digital Project Management Program

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has concluded the comprehensive digital project management program, in collaboration with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI). The program equipped 30 heads and employees at AOI departments and factories with digital project management knowledge and skills.
The participants were trained to achieve sustainable resource management and use digital project management tools in implementing and managing short and medium-term projects. This contributes to optimizing available resources, rationalizing spending, reducing waste, and protecting the environment.

The program supports the execution of the digital institutional development plan in government institutions, the development of employees’ digital skills, the improvement of work performance, and the enhancement of the role of digitization in managing businesses efficiently and effectively.
The training was carried out as part of the Digital Egypt strategy and MCIT efforts to attain institutional development to support digital transformation in government and public agencies. These efforts include training heads and employees in digital administration to help institutions adopt and sustain digital transformation.
The program builds on the outcomes of the periodic visits and meetings among leaders from MCIT and AOI to follow up on institutional development and digital transformation efforts in AOI and ensure work sustainability in all affiliated sectors, factories, and related companies.
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