18 January 2024
ICT Minister Visit to Assiut

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has visited Assiut Governorate to open and inspect ICT and postal projects. He was joined on his tour by the Governor of Assiut Essam Saad.
During the visit, the ICT Minister and the Governor of Assiut witnessed the signing of four MoUs in several areas. The aim is to train and qualify university graduates in Upper Egypt in software and embedded systems, build digital capacity, achieve sustainable community development and digital institutional development, and promote digital literacy, especially in the villages of the Decent Life initiative, in Assiut.
Furthermore, Talaat held an extensive meeting that brought together officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Assiut Governorate, university presidents, and the Chairman of Silicon Waha Adel Danish, at New Assiut Technology Park.
During the meeting, the ICT Minister and the Governor of Assiut listened to the success stories of young individuals who excelled in the training programs provided by MCIT and its affiliates. These programs empowered them to align with the demands of the job market, securing meaningful employment opportunities in Assiut, and qualifying them for freelancing. Furthermore, entrepreneurs who own tech startups incubated through MCIT programs showcased the technological solutions their startups bring to the table.
In a similar vein, Talaat held a meeting with several university presidents. He emphasized the crucial need for integration between the ICT sector and academia, encompassing both schools and universities.
Furthermore, the ICT Minister and the Governor of Assiut visited the premises of local and global companies specializing in outsourcing, electronics design, and IT offshoring in New Assiut Technology Park in Assiut Governorate, as part of MCIT efforts to engage with the private sector, aiming to ensure the presence of skilled personnel and provide essential resources for fostering an investment-friendly environment.
Talaat and Saad paid a visit to iSON Xperiences and EJADA. They also visited Brightskies Inc. and Swift Act, the two leading Egyptian providers of software and embedded system design and development solutions.
During the tour, the ICT Minister gained insights into the companies’ operations and solutions offered to customers in the domestic and global markets. He discussed with the companies’ officials their personnel requirements, expansion plans, and endeavors to create job opportunities for youth in Assiut.
Following the visit, Talaat and Saad visited the Electronics Innovation Complex (EIC) at the Innovation Building in Assiut Tech Park. The building hosts tech labs, namely the IoT and Robotics Lab, PCB Labs, Fabrication Labs, and 3D Printing for Digital Manufacturing and Prototypes Labs.
The ICT Minister and the Governor of Assiut, visited the Egyptian Silicon Industries Co. (E-SICO) factory, located in Assiut Tech Park.
Furthermore, Talaat and Saad opened the “Assiut Pensions” historic post office. They were received by Egypt Post Chairperson Sherif Farouk.
In a similar vein, the ICT Minister and the Governor of Assiut visited the premises of Informatique Education and the headquarters of Petra Software Ind. During the visit, Talaat received a detailed explanation from Informatique and Petra’s officials on the technological solutions that the companies offer, the projects they implement in Egypt, their offshoring services, and expansion plans.
Concluding his visit to Assiut, Talaat, accompanied by Saad, visited WE Applied Technology School (ATS), which started operating in the current academic year. They were received by the Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt Mohamed Nasr.
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