6 February 2024
‘Secure Institutional Environment’ Training Program Kicks off in New Valley

The “secure institutional environment” training program for employees at the administrative apparatus in New Valley Governorate has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the implementation of the Security Institute for Human Development (SIDH) in the Ministry of Interior.
The program is implemented for 100 employees in the governorate’s general bureau, subordinate directorates, affiliated centers, and departments. The aim of the training is to build digital capacities to protect data, secure information, promote national security, and address anti-piracy and system hacking to keep pace with the digital workplace, in light of the digital transformation projects implemented by the state. The training also capitalizes on using available technical tools and addressing increasing technological challenges by supporting safe and effective management of digital workplaces and developing digital crisis management skills.
The program supports executing the digital institutional development plan and developing employees’ digital skills in the governorate.
The training is organized as part of the Digital Egypt strategy and MCIT efforts in digital capacity-building to attain digital transformation and ensure its sustainability in New Valley Governorate. These efforts include improving work performance and confronting new cyber threats aligned with rapid technological developments. This would contribute to achieving the digital and development goals in the governorate.
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