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29 March 2010
The Internet Safety Project Hosts Workshop on Cyber Crimes and Child Protection Online

The Internet Safety Project will host for the first time a workshop entitled “Fight against Cybercrime and Child on-Line Exploitation” from 30-31 March, 2010 in Cairo.

The workshop is organized by Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the European Commission.

The event represents part of the activities of the safe use of the internet track that the Internet Safety Project has given special attention to as well as those of the Internet Safety Project Team, which involve several concerned parties in Egypt.

The subject is increasingly important, especially for children. The Internet Safety Project has been concerned to follow up the latest state-of-the-art technological methods to face cyber crimes.

The workshop will be inaugurated by European Union Ambassador to Egypt Mr. Mark Franco, Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi, Director of EU-Egyptian Partnership Program at Ministry of International Cooperation, Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT.

Prof Henrik Kaspersen, President Computer/Law Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Dr Marco Gercke, Lecturer for Criminal Law, University of Cologne, Germany, Mr. Oliver Felsen Police Officer, Joint Centre for Police and Customs Cooperation, Kehl,Germany, Prof Anne Flanagan Head of the Institute of Computer and Communication Law Centre for Commercial Law Studies,Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom and Public Prosecutor Mr John van Krieken Ressortsparket Den Haag, The Netherlands will contribute to the event.

The workshop will tackle a number of key issues like the relation between the internet and cyber crimes and the development of the legislative tie between them.

Moreover, the workshop will discuss the challenges of electronic crimes, new trends for organized crimes and legislations related to electronic crimes in Egypt.

Other subjects will be presented like protecting children on the web, cooperating with internet service providers (ISP)s and laws of safeguarding children in Egypt and the Arab World. The meeting will also showcase concrete examples and best practices in protection-related issues.

A number of Egyptian experts will take part in the workshop, on top of them is Dr. Sherif Hashim, Advisor to Minister of Communication and IT for Cyber Security, and Counselor Hatem Begato, head of commissioners commission in the Supreme Court of Justice, Judge Amr Abdel-Motie, head of Trial Court and Dr. Ehab El-Hagawy and representatives from General Authority for Electronic Crimes and Authentication.

The workshop will be also attended by the Internet Safety Project Team, representatives from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of State for Family and Population, Ministry of Education, ISPs, National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), other concerned civil society organizations and Youth and Parents Focus Groups, known as Net-Aman.

The workshop will host representatives from Syria, Libya, Palestine and Jordan in a bid to exchange expertise with fellow Arab countries.
The event will act in response to pressing challenges of facing electronic crimes and the high increase of internet users and electronic transactions, especially financial ones.

There has also been a high raise in the usage of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and others. The unsafe use of such tools would result in several problems, which require social awareness raising.

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About The Internet Safety Project
First of its kind in the region, the Internet Safety Project was launched in 2007 at the International Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheik. The project utilizes ICTs and internet-based tools with the chief aim of spreading a culture of peace, tolerance and dialogue among youth through facilitating intercultural communication and understanding, empathy creation, skill development and internet safety awareness and knowledge among young people and other stakeholders.

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