Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
3 November 2009
ITIDA to Hold a Workshop for Announcing Selected 81 Companies to Join "Go to GCC"

Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is due to hold today a workshop on "Go to GCC" where the names of 81 selected companies for joining the program will be announced.

About 222 Egyptian IT companies had signed up to join the program. A number of officials from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and ITIDA and leaders of non-governmental organizations operating in IT are expected to take part in the workshop.

"Go to GCC" is organized by ITIDA in cooperation with IDC, a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services and events for IT.

The program aims at supporting Egyptian IT firms in penetrating the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market through providing them a platform for partnerships with leading system integrators and channel partners in the region.

ITIDA CEO Dr. Hazem Abdelazim is scheduled to give a keynote speech during workshop. Ms. Margaret Adam, Research Manager, IT Services, IDC MEA, will give a presentation to introduce the selected companies, discuss the program's expected output and the support ITIDA and IDC will offer these firms.

"Go to GCC" is part of the strategy of MCIT for raising the Egyptian exports of services and products to $1.1 bn by 2010.

The program goals represent positive steps taken by the Egyptian Government to generate partnership and investment opportunities in the GCC market.

ITIDA Deputy President Ms. Zeinab Zaki noted that "Go to GCC" lies within agency's programs for the IT industry development.

Such programs, she added, include training, plans for boosting companies' performance and others for opening new markets as well as supporting the companies to outreach different markets. Similar programs targeting other markets will be announced, Ms. Zaki said.

Additionally, ITIDA offers Egyptian companies a variety of services through "Go to GCC Market", including: data on target markets, partnership opportunities and workshops in the target markets to facilitate possible cooperation.

Furthermore, ITIDA prepares Egyptian companies to present the best marketing proposals compared to their counterparts in the Gulf in addition to technical consultations for business development and finalization of deals.

The selection criteria of companies are based on the activities of each firm. To join the program, a company has to be at least 50% owned by Egyptians, located in Egypt and has a minimum of 80% Egyptian employees on the payroll. Also at least 10 employees have to be full-timers.

The selection criteria also depends on the company's performance, internationally acknowledged certificates, partnerships with multinational companies, export capabilities and revenues.

Established in 2004, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) aims at developing and promoting the Egyptian IT industry. Relying on unequivocal governmental support, ITIDA utilizes the vast array of advantages bestowed upon Egypt and synchronizes public and private efforts in order to keep the country at the forefront of the global ICT market.

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