Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
13 November 2023
Inauguration, Inspection of MCIT Projects in Qalyubia Governorate

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has visited Qalyubia Governorate to open and inspect several projects of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). He was joined on his tour by the Governor of Qalyubia Abdel Hamid Al-Hagan.

During the visit, the ICT Minister and Qalyubia Governor inspected the installation of fiber optic cables and the launch of FTTH and broadband projects in the villages of Tahanub and Kafr Shebin, in the presence of the Chair of the ICT Committee at the House of Representatives Ahmed Badawy. The projects are implemented by Telecom Egypt within the framework of the Decent Life initiative.

The ICT Minister and Qalyubia Governor were received by the Managing Director and CEO Mohamed Nasr and deputies and executives at Telecom Egypt.

A detailed explanation of the telecom networks and fiber optic cable installation work in the two villages was given in the presence of the ICT Minister. Fiber optic Internet services were delivered to 3,303 clients in Tahanub and 4,010 in Kafr Shebin to ensure higher-quality voice and data services. Talaat also inspected the high-speed Internet project in the services complex in Tahanub and the digital transformation of the village’s post office.

Furthermore, the ICT Minister, Qalyubia Governor, and the Chairman of Egypt Post Sherif Farouk opened Tersa Post Office in Tukh Center.

Talaat along with Al-Hagan visited WE Applied Technology School in Tukh, where the 2023-24 school year is running.

In a similar vein, Talaat, Al-Hagan, and Badawy visited Al Noor School for the Blind and the Intellectual Education School in Ezbet Al Zeraa in Benha. They were received by the Chairman of the National Academy of Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID) AbdEl-Monem El-Sharkawy and officials from the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in Qalyubia, and NAID.

During his tour of the schools, the ICT Minister explored some educational activities for building the students’ capacities through technology applications. Talaat was briefed on the technology needs of schools in Qalyubia. He called for coordination with Telecom Egypt for Internet connection in intellectual education schools and schools for the blind.

The ICT Minister and the Governor of Qalyubia also held an extensive meeting at the general bureau of Qalyubia Governorate, in the presence of MP Ahmed Badawy, to discuss the most prominent achievements in various MCIT projects in the governorate and future cooperation plans between the two sides in telecommunications infrastructure development, digital institutional development, digital capacity-building, and MCIT projects in the villages targeted within Decent Life in the governorate.

Talaat and Al-Hagan also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MCIT and the Governorate to implement digital institutional development projects at the governorate’s general bureau, affiliated entities, and service directorates. The MoU also aims to implement digital awareness activities in the governorate’s villages targeted within the Decent Life initiative.

Furthermore, the ICT Minister listened to various distinguished models of youth and women from Qalyubia Governorate succeeded in the training of youth qualification for freelancing and digital capacity building through “Tawar w Ghayar” initiative.
Meanwhile, Talaat and Al-Hagan also met with a new batch of graduates of the training program for digital citizenship and cyber threats protection basic skills organized for beneficiaries of the Digital Citizenship initiative in Qalyubia in cooperation with Misr Public Library in the Governorate.

Furthermore, Talaat and Al-Hagan opened the Qalyubia post area building and Banha El Balad Post Office, after being developed and equipped with the latest systems and technological solutions to render all integrated governmental, postal, and financial services to citizens.
Talaat and Al-Hagan also inspected Creativa Innovation Hub at Benha University. They also conducted a comprehensive meeting with students of Benha University at “Tahya Misr” Hall, Faculty of Physical Education, Benha University. Talaat addressed the participants, discussing MCIT efforts in developing digital capabilities, backing entrepreneurship, and encouraging freelancing.

Within the framework of following up on the implementation of modern ICT applications in the system of health care services provided to citizens in Qalyubia Governorate, the ICT Minister and Qalyubia Governor watched a live stream of a telemedicine session at Banha Fever Hospital, in the presence of Badawy. They were received by the Advisor to the ICT Minister for Digital Community Development Hoda Dahroug.

During the session, a dialogue was held between the ICT Minister, the physicians performing the service, and those responsible for operating the unit about the workflow of the telemedicine system to diagnose patients’ conditions and receive the necessary treatment.
Marking the conclusion of the ICT Minister’s visit to Qalyubia, Talaat and Al-Hagan also visited the Telecom Egypt store in Benha 2 telephone exchange, which provides integrated telecommunications services to customers, from landline contracting, data and mobile services, solidarity services, school student lines, e-wallets, information cycles, link lines, and short numbers.
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