7 August 2003
MCIT Launches First Egyptian IT Olympiad

Under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the MCIT in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Marine Transport launched the first Egyptian IT Olympics (Olympiad in Informatics) for children and youth.

Participants will compete in the fields of programming and applications focusing on topics related to problem definition, problem analysis and selecting strategies. The top 160 contestants will take part in the finals due to take place at the Academy’s main campus in September. Parallel and similar events are the Mini Olympics and the Special Needs Olympics. Top participants will receive medals along with prizes that range from academic scholarships to IT training opportunities.

Every year, the IT Olympics will take place in a different governorate this step is considered as introductory and preparatory for the Arab and World Olympics which take place every two years.

The goal of the Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics is to encourage young talents to use and explore the world of IT; while working towards creating a generation with innovative abilities and master modern skills.

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