Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
22 March 2006
In Egypt: The First COPC-Certified Contact Center in the Middle East, Africa & Southern Europe

Under the auspices of Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif and Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel, hosted a celebration today in the occasion of granting Xceed Contact Center to be the first COPC-Certified Contact Center in the Middle East, Africa and the southern Mediterranean region. Such an achivment represents progress in the field of Egyptian contact centers, especially in utilizing the outsoursing industry. Numerous top government officials, Egyptian businessmen, and industry stakeholders, attended the event.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel highlighted the importance of maximizing Egypt’s role in investing in the call center industry. His Excellency asserted that there is a promising opportunity to export call center services to the European and American markets, which in return provides a key source of foreign currency for Egypt. Such industry succeeded to attract multinational companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, and other companies to operate their own contact centers and customer services from Cairo.

The COPC-2000 certification was awarded to Xceed by the Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC), the worldwide authority on best practices in call centers. Notably, Xceed received its certification within 8 months by COPC International, after having met all 34 requirements including high operational performances in planning, service, quality and efficiency; so that Xceed is a part of the 150 COPC-certified call centers worldwide.

Dr. Tarek Kamel Minister of Communications and Information Technology pointed out that the ministry supports an initiative that sustains the industry of call centers in cooperation with the Egyptian call centers and a group of other call centers following the CIT. One of the main goals of such an initiative is to develop the quality and the efficiency of the call centers throughout enabling training programs, support challenge abilities to the Egyptian contact centers worldwide and promoting such an industry nationally and internationally. The initiative concentrates on 4 main axis that includes providing infrastructure for telecommunications and licensing for call centers industries with competitive prices, providing call centers support in quality and granting international excellence certificates, and improving the national and international commands for the Egyptian call centers.

Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology pointed out that Egypt is already rising as a key offshoring competitor internationally; that is according to the Global management consulting firm AT Kearney has recently ranked Egypt in the 12th position worldwide in terms of top offshore outsourcing destinations. In addition, business intelligence company Data monitor forecasts that Egypt’s share of the offshore call center market will experience from 50% to 60% compound annual growth rate between now and 2009.

Egypt is now preparing to host international specialized conferences in call centers in the period of 2 to 4 June 2006 sponsored by ITIDA, which aims to bring in the Egyptian call centers industry to the whole world, and introducing such industry to the Egyptian society which supports several institutions, especially it allows employment opportunities and increase the added value from such an industry in Egypt.

Xceed Contact Center is one of the largest contact centers in Africa and the Middle East that currently manages programs for clients covering more than 12 countries in 9 different languages; provides business process outsourcing services to commercial and government clients, including a number of 500 companies around the world.

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