15 November 2006
ICDL Kicks off

Dr. Tarek Kamel minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) announced the kick-off of the actual implementation of the international computer driving license project in cooperation with UNESCO, ICDL and ECDL. The project aims at granting the license for one million applicants in a five-year scope. Applicants include university, secondary and post-secondary school graduates as well as students, professors, teachers, public- and private-sector employees.

Through this project, Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and State for Administrative Development pool efforts to eradicating computer illiteracy among different age groups and social classes as well as raising the IT awareness. Moreover, the project aims at increasing computer utilization among all citizens and lifting up production levels for all those who use computers in their work to attain best return in information investment.

The four ministries provide all these categories with habilitation and training programs designed for the international license at low-costs and through free-of-charge scholarships. This is an attempt to increase the number of license-holders to push forward the development wheel and improve performance levels.

Habilitation programs are offered by the Ministry of State for Administrative Development to civil servants, students, teachers and school employees by the Ministry of Education, and to university students, professors, researchers and employees by the Ministry of Higher Education.

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