Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
13 June 2010
Dr. Kamel and Engineer Fahmy Inaugurate IT Companies and Call Centers Operating in Outsourcing in Egypt Conference

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of Transportation Engineer Alaa Fahmy inaugurated today Conference of IT Companies and Call centers Operating in Outsourcing in Egypt.

Organized by Cisco Systems in cooperation with the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB), the conference was entitled: “Egypt as a Destination for Egypt.”

The event is held under the umbrella of the initiative launched by Dr. Kamel of directly supporting contact centers and companies operating in business process outsourcing (BPO) through Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

The conference aimed to review the high potentials of Egyptian companies operating in contact center and outsourcing industry.

It also demonstrated the role of the industry and what it can offer for transportation and health sectors, highlighting Egypt’s opportunities to increase its exports of IT services in the coming phase.

The meeting acted as a forum for outsourcing companies and contact centers to meet and cooperate. It raises the awareness of the importance of these technologies for them, underlining studies, success stories and the best business practices in this domain. 

In his speech before the conference attendees, Dr. Kamel stated that Egypt possesses several capabilities enabling it to strongly compete in the field.

He added that Egyptian companies have gained outstanding experience in this area, which makes them capable of effectively working on developing many sectors, especially health and transport.

Boosting these two vital sectors, he noted, represents a major challenge for IT companies, which are qualified to go through it successfully.

Dr. Kamel further explained that MCIT, through Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), works hard to improve the performance of Egyptian outsourcing companies and contact centers through offering them training and promotional incentives and whatever required for raising their export capacity.

Such facilities, he added, offer the companies numerous competitive advantages in this field helping them export high-quality IT services that are praised by specialized international companies.

Eng. Fahmy gave a statement tackling the important role that can be played by IT companies and contact centers in developing vital sectors in Egypt in the coming phase, especially those of health and transport.

EJB Chairman Mr. Ashraf El-Gazayerli said that one of the most key strategies of the association is to support the business interests of members through opening constant communication channels with different sectors, decision makers and international companies and institutions.

EJB’s participation in this event, he added, embodies the principles that the association follows, which definitely contributes to boosting businesses and achieving a comprehensive development for the EJB and many sectors in Egypt.

Mr. El-Gazayerli pointed out that meeting these demands goes in line with the association’s plans to penetrate foreign markets.

He said that the local market is full of opportunities and challenges in diverse sectors.      

Egyptian Information Telecommunications and Software Alliance (EITESAL) Chairman Mr. Tarek El-Hemaily said that one of EITESAL’s main goals, as one of entities that act as a driving force for the development and promotion of the information and communication (ICT) community, is to support the process of making Egypt the outsourcing destination of the 21st century.

The alliance also works on helping member companies integrate into the different sectors inside and outside Egypt, which is beneficial to all parties.

Cisco Systems Egypt General Manager Mr. Olaf Kramer praised the outstanding advantages of the Egyptian market and the excellent awareness of the Government of its competitiveness as a global outsourcing destination.

The Government, he added, offers all the required facilities for the progress of this industry.

Mr. Kramer confirmed that the numerous partnerships that Cisco Systems enters into with governments, companies and individuals mainly aim to raise national competitiveness.

This target can be achieved through offering the opportunity of producing innovative business models based on state-of-the-art technological solutions and a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of the market.   

He added that this principle can be seen not only in Cisco System’s support of the outsourcing industry, but also in other business sectors that the company seeks to have ties with.

Over 200 companies operating in BPO and contact centers solutions, contact center operators and consulting firms took part in the conference. 

The conference focused on introducing to the attendees the services currently offered by contact centers and outsourcing companies in Egypt and the available technological solutions that can serve this sector. 

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