Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
24 May 2018
ICT Minister Receives Chairman of ICT Committee and Member of Political Bureau of Vietnam Ruling Party

The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady has met with the chairman of the ICT committee and member of the political bureau of the ruling communist party of Vietnam Fu Phan Thong, where they discussed means of cooperation in the ICT field, highlighting the significance of enhancing bilateral relations in all fields, especially the ICT sector.

ElKady reviewed the strategy of the ICT sector aimed at activating the digital transformation in all sectors of the country and the most important achievements of the sector during the last period, referring to the doubling of exports of technology and outsourcing services, thanks to the Egyptian calibers who possess excellent technology skills and capabilities.

The ICT Minister also highlighted the significance of the role of the ICT sector in supporting the digital transformation process, which the State is striving strongly to achieve in cooperation with all sectors. He also addressed the challenges facing economic and social development, the integration of the informal economy into the economic system of the State and the role of technology in this regard. He ascertained that Egypt has taken important steps in achieving financial inclusion, including activating the role of the Egyptian Post due to its wide spread nationwide through its branches equipped with modern networks.

ElKady discussed Egypt's efforts to activate the electronics design and manufacturing initiative, pointing out that Egypt possesses the necessary qualified calibers to support this industry, in addition to the incentives and advantages that the State offers to investors in this field.

The ICT Minister also reviewed Egypt's strategy in the area of cybersecurity, which is one of the most important priorities, pointing to the achievements of the Egyptian Supreme Cybersecurity Council (ESCC)— headed by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology— and the Egyptian Computer Emergency Readiness Team (EG-CERT). He also stated that Egypt has announced the national cyber security strategy.

For his part, Thong expressed his admiration for the progress made by Egypt in the ICT field. He stated that Vietnam has achieved a number of the Millennium Development Goals. He pointed out that the ICT industry has witnessed great growth especially in the field of software which grows due to the increasing use of the Internet and social networks, referring to the strategic role of ICT as a strategic catalyst for promoting security, stability, and economic and social development.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties highlighted the significance of communication and joint coordination between the two countries in the fields of communications and information technology during the coming period.

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