25 August 2008
Dr. Kamel Witnesses Agreement Signing to Spread PC for Every Home Initiative Nationwide

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel together with Alexandria Governor General Adel Labib witnessed the agreement signing to spread PC for Every Home Initiative nationwide.

The agreement was signed among Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) and Computer and Software Department at the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce. 

First Undersecretary to Minister of Communications and IT Mr. Anwar Helmy, NTRA Executive Chairman Eng. Amr Badawy, and Dr. Sherif Batisha, on behalf of ENPO Chairman Eng. Alaa Famy together with the head of Computer and Software Department at the Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Khalil Hassan Khalil co-signed the agreement.

This agreement goes in line with MCIT's strategy of spreading the practice and utilization of IT tools and the internet among all social segments in Egypt.

The project basically focuses on the Upper Egyptian governorates, remote areas and limited-income families.

The new agreement is an outcome of the witnessed success and maturity of the PC for Every Home Initiative since its launch by MCIT launched in 2002 jointly with the private sector and civil society organizations. Over the past six years, the initiative several projects and programs were implemented under the umbrella of the initiative.

The offers provided by the initiative in the upcoming phase include integrated packages of PCs and 512 KB-speed ADSL subscriptions for three years.

According to the agreement, NTRA will support the initiative’s beneficiaries through a comprehensive service fund. The agency decided to offer the 512 KB-speed ADSL subscribers, whether to new or current initiative beneficiaries, a 30-pound monthly incentive. The initiative customers are, hence, required to pay the monthly installments for the PC and the internet subscription regularly.

The ENPO will use its network of post offices nationwide for receiving the banks' due subscriptions for the PCs and those of the internet service providers. The ENPO will also get the fund's incentive and pay it to concerned parties.

MCIT will design and operate, through its specialized departments, the electronic systems for registering the contracts and supervise subscriptions process and follow-up on the installments payment. MCIT will also facilitate and equip 31 outlets at IT clubs in all Egyptian governorates within one year from the agreement signing. 

Through the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), MCIT will also prop up the Department of Computers and Software after an agreement had been signed between the agency and the department to enable the department to conduct comprehensive economic studies on the computers electronic components’ export support program and its impact on developing the national industry. 

A comprehensive quality program will also be implemented to help companies acquire quality certificates from international, accredited institutions.

The agency will also back the department in designing and carrying out promotional and awareness-raising programs and organizing exhibitions and caravans in different governorates to acquaint citizens with the importance of mastering IT tools and skills.   

Based on the agreement, the federation's Computer and Software Department will undertake the initiative’s coordination and executive management; quality assurance; marketing, promotional and distribution activities. 

The Department’s key responsibilities include undertaking the initiative’s executive management and coordination together with the licensed marketing and distribution.

The department will also manage the quality assurance of products and services provided to end consumers; ensure companies’ commitment and offers credibility, while maintaining customers' rights.

Additionally, the department will formulate and implement a marketing plan, establish sales outlets at the governorates, advertise for the offers provided by the initiative, coordinate with the funding banks and sign the necessary cooperation protocols with these banks in view of what had been decided on the above agreement. 

Meanwhile, Minister Kamel and Governor Labib toured the computers exhibition organized by the department which showcases new, advanced computers meeting different users’ needs.

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