30 October 2010
Egypt to Win Best Practice Award in the ECDL International Forum

Egypt won the best practice award in recognition of the field study conducted by the ICDL National Program of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology entitled `Assessment of the Developmental Benefit of the ICDL to its Graduates in Terms of Employment`, during the annual ECDL International Forum held in Bonn, Germany this year.

In recognition of Egypt`s role, considering its ICDL program one of the biggest among its counterparts around the world in terms of current and future achievements, and as a support to the great success made by MCIT concerning the implementation of this program, the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) Foundation decided to hold its annual forum for the year 2011, for the first time outside Europe, in Egypt.

Director of the ICDL program, Dr. Samia Mashaly received the award during the activities of the ECDL in Germany. Dr. Mashaly said that participants in the forum asked to benefit from the Egyptian experience in this field. Accordingly, the `User Manual` prepared by MCIT , which includes the most significant Egyptian results and expertise in adapting world-standard human resources programs in local markets under the successful government administration, was distributed. The manual won the respect and admiration of the representatives of countries taking part in the forum.

It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the ICDL Program in Egypt is a model to be followed as it managed to build a cross-government partnership between four ministries, namely: MCIT, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Ministry of Administrial Development on the one part and establish a public-private partnership between MCIT, local partners from the private sector, and the civil society institutions on the other hand. Also there is an international partner (HP) in cooperation with the ECDL Foundation and its representative in Egypt, the UNESCO Cairo Office.

This award is given in recognition of excellent government sector performance in terms of adopting top-notch human resources programs. The Egyptian study presented practical hypotheses confirmed by the remarkable positive results of the efforts of MCIT in respect of developing human capacity and preparing graduates for the labor market based on international criteria to meet the needs of Egyptian and international companies in terms of high calibers.

Almost 35% of ICDL holders during this grant presented by MCIT are young graduates who benefited directly from this license when it came to winning a distinguished job or getting promoted within 5 months of receiving this license, the study showed.
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