18 January 2011
Dr. Tarek Kamel Inaugurates New Expansions for Vodafone Egypt to Export Technology Services to UK

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Tarek Kamel, inaugurated today the new expansions for Vodafone Customer Service center. The new expansions will serve in exporting technology services to the UK from Egypt.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by CEO of Vodafone UK, Mr. Guy Lawrence, CEO of Vodafone Egypt, Mr. Hatem Dwidar, and a group of leaders from ICT sector at the company headquarters in Smart Village.

This new phase of the company activities includes expansions in the customer service center for UK as well as providing 1200 job opportunities in New Zealand and other countries. Total number of employees in this center shall be 2400 during the coming period.

This new phase of expansions comes within the context of implementing the three cooperation protocols signed in October 2010 between ITIDA and Vodafone International Services to export outsourcing ICT services from Egypt. These protocols were witnessed by Dr. Tarek Kamel and Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao during his visit to Egypt.

This inauguration meets Vodafone desire to expand partnership with Egypt in the field of communications and information technology. In view of this event, ITIDA offers investment incentives for Vodafone to extend the activities of its specialized centers established in Egypt. Such centers provide outsourcing ICT services, and cross-border services to clients of the company all over the world.

Dr. Tarek Kamel said that international companies are enthusiastic to expand their investments in Egypt, as a proof that the communications and IT sector is moving in the right direction. ICT is capable of assimilating more investments which make available remarkable job opportunities for our university graduates, especially those of the College of Commerce, the College of Arts, the Law Schools… etc. This proves that we have high calibers from all different Egyptian colleges who can penetrate the international business market. Those are being prepared by EduEgypt programs organized and implemented by MCIT in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research".

In this context, ITIDA's Board Member Mr. Amin Khaireldin stressed the efficiency of Egyptian calibers in this field including those enlisted by Vodafone International. This led to choose Vodafone Egypt as an international customer service center, providing technical support and different technological services in UK, New Zealand, and other countries of the world.

Mr. Hatem Douwidar maintained that this is the biggest center ever for Vodafone UK clients outside Britain. He added that this is an indicator that Vodafone Egypt reinforces outsourcing industry which comes on top of the priorities of MCIT in Egypt. He also hailed the efforts of MCIT, in terms of providing all possible assistance to Vodafone to achieve its investment plans in the Egyptian market and boost national economy through inviting more investments into Egypt.

Established in 2008, Vodafone UK Customer Service Center located in Egypt, provides services for the company clients in UK. This helped earn the center an international recognition due to the competence and international quality it offers. The expansion of the Vodafone UK Customer Service Center includes providing technical service in the field of broadband internet, iPhone services, as well as second level technical support. Initiated business in 2002, Vodafone International Services is one of the arms of Vodafone Egypt. The company specializes in providing outsourcing services including the services of customer service centers, technical support, and other services in this context.
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