Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
25 September 2011
Dr. Salem Inaugurates the Fourth Employment Fair for Computer Science Graduates

“Hard Work, Entrepreneurship and Innovation are success  foundations”, Dr. Mohammed Salem.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohammed Salem inaugurated the fourth employment fair for the graduates of the faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology.

This event comes within the framework of implementing the priorities of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, topped by the human resources development, youth empowerment, creating job opportunities, and the use of technology for social-economic development.

During the opening ceremony, H.E. Dr. Mohamed Salem, got acquainted with the latest students' projects, marked by innovation and creativity in the field of advanced software.

He also visited the exhibition associated with the fair, which included entities receiving future programmers from research centers, universities and both Egyptian private sector and international companies.

In his speech delivered to the members of the Egyptian Software Engineers Association (ESEA), Dr. Salem underlined the importance of shielding young people in the field of software today with science and experience. He also stressed on the fact that the clarity of purpose for young people is an absolute necessity and that creative and innovative work is the foundation of success.

Dr. Salem urged young people to undertake entrepreneurship and technological innovation concepts to reach their goals. His Excellency referred to a number of Egyptian and global success stories, where modern technology applications were used and led to a boom in many fields and served economies worldwide, by using information technology.

This fourth employment fair is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. More than one thousand recently graduates of high skills from faculties of computer sciences and information technology from all over the nation participated at the fair.

Finally, the Fair entailed many activities and technical seminars concerned with the development of personal skills.

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