1 November 2011
Dr. Salem Launches the Project of Computer Competence Certificate (C3) in Cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Our goal is to grant Egyptian certificate with international standards and provides job opportunities in both local and global markets for Egyptian youth.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launched the project of Computer Competence Certificate (C3).

The launch of this project comes in the framework of the efforts exerted by the Ministry to maximize the benefits of human development programs and training at various levels to develop the capacity and skills of communications and information technology of the Egyptian citizens, coping with top-notch global standards.

Within few days, local companies working in this area are invited to obtain the Tender Dossier  for this project which will also be made available electronically through the portal of the ministry (www.mcit.gov.eg), as well as through the government procurement portal (www.etenders.gov.eg).

According to the minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, MCIT gives a top priority to make human development programs and training implemented or supervised by the Ministry of global standards and to ensure diversity to cover different levels of academic and scientific skills and competencies in order to meet the needs of local and international markets as well as to deploy such advanced programs in the various governorates of the Republic for the benefit of all groups of people; young graduates, employees of the government sector, university students, the employees of the private sector and other groups.

For this end, it is planned that this certificate will be adopted to be an international certificate recognized worldwide. This will be done in the framework of implementing the Ministry's policy towards availability and accessibility of all information technology tools to reach our desired goal towards the transformation into the Digital Society through spreading culture of information technology to contribute significantly to providing more outstanding job opportunities required for the information technology and communications market at home and abroad, which strongly supports our national economy and benefits all parties.

The certificate covers all the basic skills of communications and information technology and also provides a higher level of skills to meet the needs of many sectors specializing in the field of information technology and communications.

"The Egyptian certificate is based on the global standards and basics with Egyptian expertise that takes into account the Egyptian characteristics and the requirements of the local and global labor market compared to the international certificates in the same area", Dr. Samia Mashaly, manager of International Computer Driving License (ICDL) program, said. “The curriculum to be taught in this program is developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research and through the Supreme Council of Universities”, She added.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology sponsors and oversees many of the projects in the field of human development and training in collaboration with various ministries and government bodies to enhance and raise the skills of the government’s employees as well as to improve the performance of various sectors of the government.

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