Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
2 January 2012
Dr. Salem at Egypt Post: Inspects the Digital Presses and Heads the First Meeting of the New Board

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, accompanied by the acting chairman of ENPO, Mr. Mosaad Abdul Ghany, paid an inspection visit to the digital presses of Egypt  National Post Organization  in Nasr City.

The visit aimed to look into the work system, inspect the technical status of the digital presses of Egypt Post, complete their modernization stages and upraise them to apply new strategy to invest their remarkable potentials, economically.

Such a thing is  a main source of income that renders proper revenue for Egypt Post in the coming period. This can be achieved through offering their distinguished services in the printing field to all concerned sectors in Egypt and cooperating with Ministries, Authorities, governmental agencies  and publishing Houses  in the field.

Dr. Mohamed Salem declared that this visit has been made in the context of the Ministry's keenness to benefit from all its available resources by activating them. Consequently, the Ministry will be economically a self-contained entity depending on  its self-resources and potentials in self- funding and not to rely on state treasury.

Adopting the successful experience of Communications sector through  activating cooperation between public and private sectors under the supervision of the State seems to be the perfect path to achieve such a goal.

His Excellency, Dr. Salem added that Egypt post is one of the most important social institutions that provides different economic and community services for all people categories. Moreover, he referred to the fact that digital presses of Egypt Post possess the latest printing unit in Egypt and Middle East.

Following the inspection tour,  Dr. Mohamed Salem held the first meeting with Egypt Post new Board of Directors in its new form. During the meeting, challenges currently facing the ENPO work system were discussed and solutions were also studied to overcome these challenges.

Furthermore, attendees at the meeting raised an important question about how to eliminate obstacles hindering production.

Over and above, they discussed ways by  which Egypt Post's presses could cover all its needs and other authorities' printing  needs in the local market in addition to the methods to expand the service they provide to both public and private sectors related to the field.

On the other hand, the acting chairman of ENPO, Mr. Mossad Abdul Ghany  said: " the coming period will witness a great  interest in presses sector in order to achieve progress due to its importance as a vital sector that renders a financial income to Egypt Post".

 He added that he would pay "special attention to invest in the manpower of the ENPO's staff through providing them with training courses to develop their skills. Such an investment in the human calibers will raise the services efficiency gin the benefit of the  Egyptian citizen".

Presses sector at the ENPO was established in 1959. The presses were modernized and developed into digital presses with the latest printing technology in the world in February 2006.

 In cooperation with major German companies in the field, the presses were provided with latest  specialized unit equipped with dynamic printing technology in the Middle East. So that , they would become the latest and largest specialized digital postal presses in the Middle East.

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