15 July 2012
Minister of ICT Honors the Winning Egyptians in Imagine Cup Finals in Australia

Egyptian Team Wins First Place in Mobile Application Challenges

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, received today, in his office at Smart Village, the three winning Egyptian teams in Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals held in Sidney, Australia.

 The worldwide competition organized by International Microsoft Company during the month of July, comes in line with exploring innovation and young thoughts, thus turning them into practical applications and effective solutions to encounter many challenges faced by the community.

 For the first time since its launch in 2003, Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals have awarded an Arab Egyptian team- in particular- first prize.

Vivid, an Egyptian team of Ain Shams University, has secured first place in the category of ‘Mobile Application Challenges’. In addition, Sherif Talaat-an Egyptian student and competitor- has acquired second position in the category of ‘Technology Challenge’.

Moreover, the Egyptian Level Up team of Mansoura University has managed to pass the preliminary phase in the category of ‘Software Design’, hence listed among the best 20 teams worldwide.

 The qualifying finals of the competition-launched in Sidney- has embraced three Egyptian participant teams: Vivid of Ain Shams University, participating in the category of ‘Mobile Applications’, Sherif Talaat, contributing in the category of ‘Technology Challenge’- a competition among students to manage complex technological infrastructure and meet users needs in the same time- and Level Up team competing in ‘Software Design’ category.

 As for ‘Mobile Application Challenges’ specialized in creating mobile applications, Vivid team of Ain Shams University has taken part in the worldwide finals with ‘Health Buzz’ application. This is a medical application that aims at saving vulnerable patients to crisis in critical medical conditions, as well as rescuing those in need for rapid blood transfusions.

 Additionally, the application is based on the statistics which validate that speedy aid could raise the percentage of medical rescue in these cases. This application won first place in the competition.

 In the category of ‘Technology Challenge’, student Sherif Talaat presented Egypt in this sophisticated category of the competition.

 The idea of ‘technology challenge’ revolves around dealing effectively with complex technological systems. This is accomplished through the processes of development, publication, management as well as guaranteeing that these systems deliver utmost efficiency and security for users.

During the competition, Talaat has been able to secure second place in an unprecedented accomplishment for Egyptian teams in this category.

 The events of the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals lasted for five days, where students from around the world competed in eight different categories. During finals, students displayed the different models of their projects before a group of technology-experts judges.

Furthermore, competitors were allowed to attend a series of seminars to identify the latest trends of modern technology offered by Microsoft.

Additionally, students were given the opportunity to exhibit their various projects before a group of expertise and dignitaries in the field of global technology.

 In its tenth year, the competition’s finals have witnessed 106 competing teams representing 75 different countries. In the past ten years, the number of students participating in the competition was estimated at 1.65 million from190 countries, during which winners received prizes, grants and fund amounted to 1.75 million Dollars.

 Being one of the biggest and most significant international competitions in the field of technology, Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals sets challenges for specialized youth in all world countries as well as technology fans to find and innovate active technological solutions.
 These solutions would contribute in solving issues of concern to the international community now and in the near future.

 This year, eight teams from different Egyptian universities have made it to the finals. They presented a distinguished group of projects that offer technological solutions to a number of challenges which draw a general concern of the international community. Their projects strive to achieve the millennium development goal, announced by the UN.

 Finally, a team of experts, evaluating the projects submitted in accordance with the standards of the international competition, has been in charge of the arbitration process.

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