25 December 2012
ITI, The First Specialized Institute to Receive The Third Rank CMMI-SVC-V1.3 in ICT

Information Technology Institute (ITI), an affiliate to Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, received  the international quality certification CMMI-SVC-V1.3 of model standards application of integrated capacity and maturity related to enterprise management services.

ITI is the first training and education institute, worldwide,  to receive this International certification.  This has taken place under the supervision of the Software Engineering Competence Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Egyptian partner of the American software Engineering Institute that acknowledged the institute’s passing of quality standards in this field.

In this regard, Mr. Hany Mahmoud declared that the international Certificate award adds to the ITI credit and international reputation. 

"This reputation is built through its graduates who enjoy an international reputation that makes every Egyptian proud. 

It even prompts international companies to challenge to attract qualified Egyptian calibers, through the Institute and its unique programs, to work with inside Egypt or abroad. This has led us to commit to the implementation of all international quality standards in all fields of training and programs offered by the institute for the students, whether in the nine-months professional training programs provided by MCIT as grant training for Egyptian youth; or (EduEgypt) programs, implemented through the Institute in most Egyptian universities in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education to qualifying and preparing students in the final stages before graduation for the labor market. 

This is considered one of the main work pillars of the Ministry’s strategy to serve the ICT industry and export IT services as well as attracting more investments to this promising industry", Mr. Hany says.

ITI Acting Chairman, Ms. Heba Saleh, confirmed that the Institute is keen to spread the culture of quality in training, education and technological innovation to serve the different development processes in Egypt, taking into consideration that this is the right way to improve the educational process at all stages. 

At the same time, she pointed that the Institute has a future expansion plan to increase the number of its branches in the governorates of Egypt, after Alexandria, Assiut and Mansoura, in addition to its headquarters in Cairo, and soon in Suez University. ITI is to provide specialized training services plans to the people of Suez and all cities by the Suez Canal. 

Add to the previous, the expansion in Africa and some Arab countries to support the Arab and African neighboring countries, as well as to provide specialized consultancy services in the ICT fields and associated specialized training.

Noteworthy that the integrated capacity and maturity related to enterprise management services is granted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of US Carnegie Mellon University in cooperation with the Software Engineering Competence Center of the MCIT.

The American Software Engineering Institute offers this international certificate in educational services quality, which is a model to improve the management processes designed to help organizations improve their performance in the training and education fields. 

This places educational and training institutions on the right track to improve their educational process provision level and help integrate organizational processes and re-using them. It also helps identify goals and priorities for the continuous improvement processes, as well as providing guidance for the implementation of training operations according to the international quality standards adopted by the U.S. software Engineering Institute.

Worth mentioning that the re-engineering processes group at the ITI, headed by Dr. Ramez Kamil, in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Center in Smart Village, represented by Ms. Mary Adel, Deputy Center Director, have set up the quality processes in combination with the ITI professional training team, they applied to pass the final evaluation tests on June 2011 to obtain the international certificate.

The ITI is considered a scientific institution specialized in providing outstanding and creative training, where every year the Institute trains fresh graduates through the Professional Training Program, which provides thousands of job opportunities for young people. 

This includes many of the various disciplines in the ICT field, such as: computer networks, cloud computing, e-learning, GIS, multimedia, e-content, programming and other specialized sections. 

Hence the Institute provides an opportunity for the continuous development of its graduates, who are the main nucleus of the IT industry in Egypt.

ITI adopts in his training policy, first, identifying the needs of the labor market through communication with different areas of industry, besides getting in touch with practical reality and identify the actual needs of companies of human resources.  Thus immediately respond to IT related domestic and global market variables. 

Those global and regional variables play prominent roles in forming the Institute's training methodology; by using the latest software and mechanisms, in collaboration with industrial, academic and research entities.

Meanwhile, the Institute continues to activate its new perspective of the training process, by enabling graduates to embody their ideas and outstanding technological innovations in the form of projects and products, in order to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and to raise the motto (made in ITI). This will enable them after graduation to establish their companies and their own projects as well as accessing the world of competition in the Egyptian and international markets."

The Institute also provides for the outstanding students of its graduates the enrollment opportunities with major European and American universities – where the Institute is associated with cooperation agreements and scientific partnership - for qualifying graduates to get a master's degree in one of the key IT disciplines according to the learner’s specialty. 

Therefore the (ITI) is considered the link between Egypt and a number of major European and American universities specialized in the ICT field. 

It allows its distinct graduates to attend any of these universities to get a master's degree in a number of key IT disciplines through the activation of training protocols and agreements that have been concluded between the ITI and many of the world's leading universities, such as; the University of Nottingham and the University of Sunderland in England, the University of Bergen in Norway, Calgary in Canada, Paderborn in Germany, Oregon in the United States of America and others.

The (ITI) was founded in 1992 by the Center for Information and Decision Support Center of the Egyptian government, in order to provide an opportunity for the emergence of a society based on knowledge through supporting a new generation of specialists.  In April 2005, the ITI’s subordination moved to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. 

The Institute offers many specialized training programs that serve various disciplines in the community.

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