24 February 2013
Egypt Active Participation in GSMA Mobile World Congress

Egypt will take part in the events of GSMA Mobile World Congress, organized by World Federation for GSM Operators and hosted in Barcelona during 25 -28 February 2013.

The Egyptian delegation, presided by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Atef Helmy, includes officials and commercial representatives.

It includes Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), sponsoring this year a commercial mission comprising 17 ICT specialized Egyptian companies.

GSMA Mobile World Congress aims to create an opportunity for dialogue among various mobile operators, specialized government officials and service and internet companies participating in the event. It also endeavors to identify latest technologies in the industry and discuss means of development.

International governmental organizations such as the United Nations (UN), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Union (EU), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and numerous other regional organizations are keen to participate in this international event.

Mr. Helmy stated that Egypt’s participation in this international event comes in line with its eagerness to communicate and keep up with successive world events in this industry, as well as learning about latest technologies to serve ICT sector.

His Excellency added that the event is an opportunity to open new prospects for cooperation and partnerships between Egyptian companies and their foreign counterparts across the world, thus promoting its capabilities to open access to foreign markets and enhance export opportunities in the various ICT fields.

On the sideline of GSMA Mobile World Congress, strengthening bilateral relations, in ICT field, between Egypt and Spain will be sought during a meeting scheduled with the Spanish Secretary of State for ICT Affairs, according to ICT Minister.

Moreover, the meeting will tackle means of activating cooperation between the two countries in fields of mutual interests like e-Signature, e-Health applications, fields of technological innovation and entrepreneurship and establishment and management of technology areas, Mr. Helmy concluded.

This year conference comprises a number of seminars on topics of regional character, as well as an award ceremony highlighting best innovative solutions and mobile initiatives from all over the world.

Furthermore, GSMA Mobile World Congress is a real prospect to create a communication network among experts and leaders of mobile sector. It is also a golden opportunity to strike deals and provide distinguished job opportunities by attracting investment.

Each year, an exhibition coincides with the events of GSMA Mobile World Congress. It displays IT products from more than1500 exhibitors. The exhibition also involves marketing modern devices for mobile operators and innovators creating new applications for mobiles worldwide.

Additionally, Mr. Helmy is scheduled to meet his Spanish Minister of Communications and Information Society and the Turkish Minister of Transport and Communication, Vice President of the European Commission, members of World Economic Forum and the delegation of Catalonia Government.

Mr. Helmy is to take part in a seminar on the use of mobile for health improvement, and leadership conference under the title “Mobile phones and creating new added value.”

In the same line, ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El Kadi said that continued talks and communications between Egyptian companies and their clients after ITIDA’s participation in the events of last year exhibition, which was attended by 132 countries, resulted in good deals amounting to 47 million Egyptian pounds, an increase of 15 million more than the previous year.

ITIDA has held an organizational meeting for companies participating in this year exhibition to explain all organizational aspects of it.

Participating Egyptian companies were chosen according to the selection criteria stated by ITIDA.
The criteria comprised five axes namely company’s export capacity, field of industry in relation to the exhibition, company’s congruence with ICT strategy, international quality certificates attained and years of experience in the field.

ITIDA oversees the organization of the Egyptian pavilion in the exhibition where ICT companies participate and get a number of indirect privileges including assistance in enhancing services and products promotion. Marketing Egyptian companies is also associated with the State identity, thus granting them higher credibility for their customers.

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