Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
30 April 2014
ICT Minister Participates in Etisal Association 10th Anniversary

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy took part yesterday at the Eitesal association 10th anniversary celebration. Eitesal achievements during the last decade were showcased.

More than 400 ICT companies in the Egyptian market attended the celebration where the role of civil society associations was highlighted in supporting the working system in the ICT sector through partnering with the government to implement a number of projects serving the national economy.

Helmy started his speech by expressing his happiness for the presence of such a non-governmental organization like Eitesal emulating major international entities like Nascom in India.
It is a main partner in the successful projects of the ICT sector, he has said, referring to the importance of an institutionalized work flow through participating with civil society organizations and global companies to establish major entities in the Egyptian market capable of achieving success to surpass the current stagnation.

The sector has successfully overcome the risky curve, he has explained, and now, has to focus on creating larger entities to regain growth rates achieved before. The current situation allows, more than ever, to activate the IT in all walks of life in Egypt and to shift towards the aspired digital society, achieve social justice and confront corruption, a mission that can only be fulfilled by integrating IT tools in the society, he has added.
According to Helmy, since he was first assigned to the ministerial mandate, he has set a general framework for 2017 Strategy and an action plan --extended to 2020-- to provide the required mechanisms in order to shift towards the digital society and knowledge based economy. He has also explained how the sector has maintained ICT exports of outsourcing and offshoring services, while offering help to ICT companies.

On the other hand, Eitesal Chairman Hazem El Tahawy expressed his contentment with the achievements of the association during the last decade, largely impacting the ICT sector and its member companies.

El Tahawy ascertained that the event was meant to keep pace with the association’s new slogan matching the coming phase and shifting the ICT sector towards global horizons. This comes as part of the strategic trend of Eitesal helping its members build their capacities and increase cooperation with large, small and medium enterprises.

With the presence of ICT leaders, founders of ESA and EHITA associations that merged together to form Eitesal association in 2004, the ceremony witnessed the honoring of companies of more than 10 years of membership and Eitesal active members.  

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