Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
21 August 2014
ITIDA, IDC Sign Cooperation Agreements

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy witnessed today the signing of three cooperation agreements between the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and the International Data Corporation (IDC) to attract direct foreign investments and increase Egypt’s exports of IT products and services.

The first agreement stipulates that ITIDA launches “Africa Together” program, to help ICT local companies cooperate with partners and business representatives in African markets especially Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Nigeria, therefore, increase their business and exports through IDC studies and researchers.

Trade missions and business meetings would take place through forums in Kenya, Nigeria to which Egyptian companies- selected based on markets needs in East and West Africa- can participate.

As per the second agreement, IDC organizes North African and Levant CIO Forum in Cairo, one of the largest IDC forums worldwide. It gathers international experts and analysts, key decision-makers in multinationals and ICT companies.

More than 200 ICT managers, analysts, decision-makers, CEOs are expected to participate from all fields.

The conference agenda, organized by ITIDA and IDC, entails the latest IT trends and challenges according to the local, regional and global demand. IT Development and investment opportunities, prospects, best practices and success stories, entitled: “Best practices from Across the Globe” shall be showcased.

ITIDA, according to the third agreement, shall access large data, more than 5000 reports and statistics on markets and targeted sectors, thanks to ITAP program.

IDC organizes 4 workshops about the targeted markets to analyze the required data, so that Egyptian companies  can learn to acquire information directly.

The program improves efficiency of ITIDA strategic planning and capability to launch programs and initiatives relying on studies and new trends in global markets. Such a  matter shall improve programs, trade chambers and civil associations by providing data for planning and shaping useful initiatives.

The program empowers Egyptian companies to access data and get acquainted with global trends to develop the Egyptian product and open new markets to increase exports.

ITIDA CEO Hussein El-Gueretly has said: those agreements come in line with the Agency efforts to strengthen Egypt’s position on outsourcing services map and raise Egypt’s IT exports and help local companies to expand offshore business and benefit from the unprecedented growth rates in African markets creating more investment opportunities.

Africa IT spending- except South Africa- is expected to reach 26.4 billion dollars by 2018, with CAGR of 7.3%, doubling the global rates reaching 3.81% according to the latest IDC statistics.

Both El-Gueretly and Jeuti Lalchandani IDC vice-president and regional manager of Middle East, Africa and Turkey signed the agreement.

About IDC:
IDC is known for its neutral and independent consultancy services in addition to its large experience in exports development in certain markets, for example: its projects with Moroccan Federation of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Offshoring (APEBI), Communications and Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia, the European Commission, China, Taiwan and Malaysia governments.

IDC research team joys of expertise in different fields most importantly ICT trends in emerging markets and IT to empower business, national economies as well as in market penetration strategies, preparing feasibility studies in addition to preparing researches and analysis for outsourcing and offshoring services in the Middle East and Africa. The company holds a network of international analysts and consultants reaching more than 1000 in 110 countries worldwide.

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