Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
27 April 2019
During BRF 2019, ICT Minister, 10 Major ICT Chinese Companies Discuss Stimulating Investments

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has held several meetings with officials of 10 major Chinese ICT companies, to discuss stimulating new investments in the Egyptian market, transferring technology and building capacities.

The meetings were held during his visit to Beijing, China, heading an Egyptian delegation, to participate the Belt and Road Digital Economy International Cooperation Initiative Forum, held in the framework of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF), attended by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, as well as Heads of state and government of around 37 countries.

The ICT Minister met with officials of Chinese companies to transfer AI technology, in the framework of adopting modern technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and High-Performance Computers (HPC), and cooperating to implement the national strategy for AI.
He met with a delegation from Sugon company, headed by Chief Operations Officer Jian Ye. They agreed on cooperating in Research and Development (R&D) areas, and establishing HPC labs.

Talaat, also, met with a delegation from iFLYTEK, headed by Advanced Vice Executive President, CFO Dawei Duan, where they discussed cooperation in AI.

In addition, Talaat met with a delegation from China Great Wall Technology Group, headed by Chairman Liding Song, to discuss cooperation in cybersecurity through establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) and capacity building centers. This in addition to discussing the possibility of establishing a Research and Development (R&D) center in the Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital.

Moreover, Talaat met with a delegation from ZTE, a leading ICT company, headed by Chairman Li Zixue, where they discussed the company’s activities and projects in Egypt, future plans, means of enhancing cooperation in capacity building, and developing the communication infrastructure.

The ICT Minister, as well, met with a delegation from UnionPay International, headed by General Manager of Strategic Plan Cai Huiming. They discussed cooperation in digital fintech through establishing a COE for software development and capacity building centers.

Furthermore, the ICT Minister met with a delegation from Tencent, headed by Assistant General Manager Elong Huang, where they discussed cooperation in e-games development. He, also, met with a delegation from Shanghai UCloud Information Technology, headed by Vice President of Government Business Zhu Chunge.

Talaat, also, met with a delegation from Ebrun, headed by CEO and Head of Ebrun Research Institute James Zheng. They discussed cooperation in boosting e-commerce through establishing centers for supporting outsourcing services in Egypt, to further the company’s operations in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. They also discussed establishing a logistics center for delivering cargo to these regions and a CoE for e-commerce technologies, and cooperating in capacity building in content management and localization in different languages to support these regions.

In addition, the ICT Minister met with a delegation from CloudMinds, headed by Founder and CEO Huang Xiao-Qing. CloudMinds is the world’s first operator of cloud-based systems for intelligent robots. It specializes in creating a safe cloud computing network for intelligent robots, and creating AI platforms for machine learning.

The two sides discussed the potential of establishing a COE, a center for capacity building in outsourcing services, and an automation center for e-operations.

Moreover, Talaat met with a delegation from Jusfoun Big Data Information Group, specializing in big data, headed by Executive President Maxwell Wang. They discussed stimulating investments in big data, through establishing a CoE for software development, capacity building centers and providing training in running and exchanging big data.

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