2 March 2015
ICT Minister Meets with ICANN CEO in Mobile World Congress

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy met today with  Fadi Shehadi the CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)-responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS)-where they discussed means of promoting partnership between the two parties to develop and provide necessary experience for the internet community in Egypt.

During the meeting, discussions tackled a number of issues of concern to both parties among which were internet safety and security, and pursuing the activation of Egypt-ICANN signed cooperation agreement to establish a regional training center for managing international domain names, particularly for the Arab world and the African continent.

This is in addition to conferring means to activate NETmundial initiative, underlining its guiding role that it could offer to the international community and embracing what it could offer of experience and guidance to the internet governance community. Egypt is responsible for implementing this initiative, being a member in the internet steering committee.

Shehadi welcomed and supported cooperation with Egypt and said that he would preside himself ICANN working group designated for delivering technical training to the center. He said he would inaugurate the center along with the ICT minister and launch the first training workshop for the Arab and African nations.

The establishment of the training center is in line with ICANN appreciation to the significant role Egypt plays in the internet global community whether technically, logistically or politically, for internet management to allow all stakeholders in the international system.

Discussions also tackled latest development on the top level domains of the Arab League. Shehadi has said that ICANN understands the Leagues’ position and it is ready to provide assistance to seal the deal of granting top-level Arabic domain name for the Arab League, especially that there are full coordination with the Arab League secretariat and the Arab countries—on top of which is the UAE, the sponsor of the project through its financial and technical support.
Furthermore, both parties deliberated means of supporting Egypt ICT sector. ICANN cooperates with Boston Consulting Group, which provides a study on some countries to overcome obstacles that could prevent them from turning to digital societies, supports them to upsurge economical and societal growth by means of shifting towards digital and economic societies. This is achieved by supporting small and medium enterprises, and various internet applications that are available to all.

Egypt was selected as one of the ten countries that were granted this study by Boston Consulting Group, to be announced in a business roundtable that will be organized by ICANN in the second day of the Mobile World Congress.

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