Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
9 May 2015
MCIT, S Sinai Governorate Sign Cooperation Agreement to Develop 10 Integrated Community Centers

The ICT Minister Khaled Negm and South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda have signed a cooperation agreement to develop 10 integrated community centers, thereby serving the people of the South Sinai governorate.

The agreement is in line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) strategy for social responsibility that aims to utilize the uses of ICT to serve people who live in deprived and marginalized areas.

The agreement’s pattern was previously implemented in a number of governorates, and MCIT seeks to generalize it nationwide through cooperating with all governorates.

MCIT implements the social responsibility pillar by partnering with a number of partners in the ICT sector who are members of the ICT social responsibility committee that comprises large ICT companies and civil society organizations.

This comes in line with MCIT new trend to partner with the sector’s partners to utilize the uses of ICT for the benefit of deprived and marginalized areas.

MCIT started this pattern through a cooperation agreement with Cairo governorate to support 30 integrated community centers which its first phase was inaugurated last December. The ministry is set to finalize the second and third phases by the end of June 2015. Last April, MCIT signed a cooperation agreement with Fayoum governorate to support 10 integrated community centers to serve citizens there.

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