Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
31 May 2015
MCIT, Giza Governorate Sign MoU to Promote ICT Firms Role in Developing Citizen Services

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Khaled Negm and Giza Governor Khaled Zakaria signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Governorate of Giza to promote the role of IT companies in developing services to citizens.

The agreement comes in line with MCIT strategy to develop an IT industry by promoting the role of IT tools to improve the performance of services in different State’s institutions, in the framework of MCIT initiative to promote innovative technology solutions of small and medium size enterprises of the government sector launched in January 2015.

Negm has said that the citizen is MCIT first priority. It seeks to achieve a high-quality government services aspired by the citizen nationwide and make them electronically accessible. This is in addition to MCIT role in developing the government sectors technology capacities in order to improve these services. He has ascertained that this agreement is meant to be replicated in the rest of the governorates and bodies representing the State.

Negm has pointed out that MCIT 2020 strategy is meant to attain integrated service system and allow automated government services to citizens through e-portals and smart applications, to achieve a remarkable change in government services and save time and effort of the citizens.

Zakaria has said that the agreement comes within the framework of the Giza Governorate strategy to leverage its services through the use of latest IT tools to better communicate with citizens and maximize participation with government work. He has added that the protocol targets improving employees’ performance in the governorate and provide means to fight financial and administrative corruption and create new resources for the governorate.

Zakaria has ascertained that the agreement is to save time and effort and minimize human interference and build a new generation based on science, knowledge, technology and information capacity accelerating the decision-making at all levels.

The 3-year agreement aims to improve the services system affiliated to Giza Governorate using the latest technologies that micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) develop to contribute at leveraging the quality of services the Governorate and its affiliates provide to the citizens.

This has resulted in activating the principle of cooperation and integration among the State’s bodies for the benefit of the citizen and improving the quality and professionalism of the government services provided for the citizens.

This will also save time and effort to complete the service, improve efficiency of the country’s employees, provide means to fight corruption, develop resources for the governorate and maximize the benefit of MCIT resources allocated for the society development.

This is in addition to maximizing revenues of the Ministry’s investments to support Egyptian MSMEs to develop the IT industry in Egypt, and develop capabilities of national IT micro and small companies to create technology solutions and products of high quality, and acquire a government precedence to support its competitive situation in local and foreign markets.

Associate to ICT Minister for promoting MSEs Innovative Solutions to Governmental Sector Mohamed Saied showcased a group of technology programs and software selected among a larger group of solutions presented by a number of Egyptian IT companies in the different directorates, bodies and administrative units affiliated to the Giza Governorate.

This took place after several meetings to get acquainted with key challenges facing the governorate and identifying technology solutions suitable for these needs. This included a distinguished group of projects and proposed technology solutions from Egyptian companies to develop the service system of Giza Governorate which was interested in the following:

§ Website and complaints management system, social media and the governor follow-up bureau
§ Mobile applications and software to report violations and abuses like “Prevent a disaster” program
§ Measuring performance indicators for projects and administrative units affiliated to the governorate
§ Management systems programs for hospitals and external clinics
§ Schools management systems programs and interactive e-learning
§ Field reporting, tracking and microbuses programs 
§ Documents flow, storage management, personnel, e-archive programs
§ Ads and assets management system

MCIT is committed, as per the memorandum of understanding, to coordinate between Egyptian companies specialized in technology solutions and Giza Governorate and its affiliated, and make MSMEs technology solutions and products accessible to solve many challenges and problems and develop business performance in the governorate and its affiliates.

This is in addition to providing ICT training programs for human calibers affiliated to the governorate. Companies providing solutions are in charge of providing training programs to qualify employees for managing new applications.

The Ministry’s initiative to promote innovative technology solutions for Egyptian companies of the government sector has achieved remarkable success recently and allowed many marketing opportunities and sales for the micro and small companies in Ministries of Transport, Tourism, Antiquities, Culture, and Health and some universities as well as Giza Governorate.

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