12 September 2015
ICT Minister, Egypt Mufti Honor Winners in ENPO Quran Recital Competition

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Khaled Negm, and the Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawky Allam honored, today, the winners of the Holy Quran Competition organized by Egypt National Postal Organization (ENPO) for its employees  and their sons.

The competition comes in the framework of ENPO keenness to improve and develop human abilities, communicate with employees and their families and raise their morale. ENPO senior officials attended the ceremony including ENPO Chairman Essam El-Sageir and certain deputies, sector heads  and general managers.

ENPO is holding this year’s competition for the seventh consecutive time where 337 persons applied and were tested orally by professors of Al Azhar Institutes Sector. The number of 34 employees and their families won. Fayoum Post area won the first place as seven winners were honored, while Menoufia area came in the second place honoring four winners.

At the beginning of his speech, Negm called to observe a minute's silence for the martyrs of the Islamic nation of pilgrims who had died in the tragic incident they were exposed to in Mecca, praying to Allah Almighty to rest their souls in peace, accept them as martyrs and to inspire their parents and their families patience and fortitude.

The ICT Minister has also ascertained, in his speech, that the sector is ready to cooperate with Dar al-Ifta in order to serve a significant issue, namely the renewal of religious discourse, whether through the provision of technical training required to preachers, or through utilizing technology tools. Those tools will serve the material presented, display it in a manner that keep up with modern times and help to disseminate it on a larger scale in order to be connected with the world, and more capable of delivering the message of Islam  to the world.

In this regard, Negm  has referred to the successful sector experience with Al-Azhar institution in implementing the project of " documenting Al-Azhar Al-Sharif memory” which aims to document the bright positions of Al-Azhar, their impact on the national and Islamist life,  biographies of Al-Azhar sheikhs, their publications and achievements over the years as well as other topics that highlight the role of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif for more than thousand years. The project aims to disseminate Islamic moderation, face strict thought and preserve Islamic identity.

He has expressed his optimism for expanding responsibility scale towards the society to have a larger role in serving this issue through modern technology, especially that the world now needs further the tolerant principles of Islam, its enlightened thought and rational approach.

The Grand Mufti of Egypt has also praised, in his speech, this unique generation of Quran reciters from ENPO employees’ sons. He pointed out that Egypt is a country of the Holy Quran reciters, and have the biggest ratio of them amongst the countries of the world. A matter which bodes well and carries much of goodness to Egypt and its people as those who recite Holy Quran has a great rank before God Almighty. 

Being honored today, he has added, God is preparing for them a special honor in the Day of Resurrection.Allam  has also called on winners  to take advantage of the Holy Quran that they carry in their hearts to build themselves, their nation and their future on the proper curriculum of Quran. At the conclusion of his speech, the Grand Mufti praised ENPO great history after being briefed—during his inspection tour to ENPO Museum in the Smart Village—on the epochs through which ENPO has evolved via ages and times which embodies honestly Egyptian genius and ENPO nobility.

The ICT minister, Grand Mufti and ENPO Chairman have honored the winners, giving each winner a certificate of appreciation and a financial award. Financial Awards amounted, this year, to about L.E 43650.

For his part, El-Sageir expressed ENPO keenness to advance its employees and their sons from Holy Quran reciters, referring to the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), "The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” . He has assured ENPO interest in its employees, and  in improving their skills and providing care for them.

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