Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
17 February 2016
ICT Minister Receives Oracle Vice-President

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady has received Oracle's Vice-President for the Middle East and Africa Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, Oracle Egypt CEO Basil Mubarak and the company leaders in the region to brief the minister on the company's achievements and plans of its business in the coming period.

In this context, Oracle announced its intention to expand its business in Egypt by investing in establishing a sales center for cloud computing services and running a number of specialists in this advanced technology. A number of leading calibers have already been appointed to manage this center, which serves the Middle East and Africa region due to the presence of a growing demand in the region on cloud computing services.

ELKady referred to the national project adopted by the state, and implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), to build a base of technological calibers in advanced disciplines, thereby serving the national projects and the government entities that currently implement the development and modernization projects.

Al Thehaiban stated that Oracle is committed to invest in Egypt, maintain a presence in the Egyptian market and serve the region from their offices in Cairo. He also added that the company appreciates the quality of national calibers in technology, and hence decided to open this new center and provide it with a number of professional engineers, in comparison with the trend of other international companies around the world to reduce the number of employees in the ICT sector.

Oracle has also announced, through its President Loic Le Guisquet, that it supports its customers over the transition to digital and technological phases by providing them with a base of talented professionals to serve them from locations around the world, including Cairo.
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