2 December 2019
ICT Minister Delivers Speech at PAFIX

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has delivered a speech during the Sixth Payment, Fintech and Digital Inclusion Fair and Forum for the Middle East and Africa (PAFIX), held during the 23rd edition of Cairo ICT.
PAFIX was attended by the Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait, and the Sub Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Ayman Hussein, and was chaired by the Chairman of e-Finance company Ibrahim Sarhan.
During his speech, the ICT Minister underscored that Egypt’s digital  transformation is the responsibility of all the state entities, including the state institutions, government agencies and financial institutions led by CBE. This is in addition to private sector organizations in Egypt, including local and international companies, and self-employed youth.

He also stated that the legislative side is one of the most important pillars of Egypt’s digital transformation. The Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law was issued last year, and a law on personal data protection will be issued soon. This is in addition to other aspects that support the digital transformation, such as managing policies and data, rationalizing expenses, managing state resources through digital systems, and providing government e-services. He added that providing such services and online payments are related.
Moreover, Talaat highlighted the significance of cybersecurity in achieving digital transformation, through providing more immune systems against cyber-attacks. He underlined the importance of having a skills base in ICT areas, which will contribute to creating digital applications that support e-payment systems and financial inclusion.
He added that work is underway on creating platforms for promoting e-commerce to help junior manufacturers market their products and access markets. Talaat underlined the significance of leveraging data warehouses in Egypt, resulting from the automation of the various state sectors over the years.

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