8 January 2020
Cabinet Transfers Digital Transformation Responsibility from Administrative Reform Ministry to MCIT

The Council of Ministers, during its meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly, approved, today, the Prime Minister’s draft decree providing for the expansion of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to include the Ministry of Administrative Reform (FKA Ministry of Administrative Development) responsibilities pertaining to automation and digital transformation.

In 2004, the government sector automation file was divided between MCIT and the Ministry of Administrative Development back then, remaining this way ever since.

The decree stipulates that MCIT shall be responsible for developing mechanisms of cooperation with the involved ministries and government bodies to implement government services development projects, restructure their work cycles and automate them, thus providing an enabling environment for improving service quality, and taking care of the necessary procedures to achieve this.

MCIT shall also develop and implement a program for providing government services, ensuring access of citizens to high quality services, fast, from different windows including online, landline, mobile phones and government services centers.

This is in addition to running and updating the online government portal and any new technical means that allow access of citizens to high quality services, as well as developing, managing and running work mechanisms for digital central transformation and providing all the technical means and tools to achieve government digital integration.

Moreover, MCIT shall develop operation, governance and integration mechanisms, among government service providers and with service recipients: individuals and institutions. This comes within the framework of the state’s interconnected strategy for digital transformation and automation.

This is in addition to updating, refining, integrating and linking national databases, in coordination with the involved entities, as well as monitoring the performance, authorizing the establishment and managing government services centers, in line with the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 1551 of 2008.

The decree also provides for taking the necessary measures to move the personnel of the administrative development sector at the Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform, with their same positions, to MCIT, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.

Issuing such decree ends a 15-year period in which the Ministry of Administrative Reform collaborated with MCIT to carry out the state's administrative apparatus automation and e-services projects, given the special nature of that period.

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