29 November 2016
ICT Minister Actively Partakes in Cairo ICT 2016

- Signing a partnership agreement with SICO, and the Chinese company “Shenzhen Haoing Megan” to establish an electronics factory in New Assiut Technology Park
-  Signing a framework agreement with ZTE to set up a factory for electronics in Borg El Arab Technology Park
-  Signing a framework agreement with the international Chinese company “Transsion”, specialized in electronics industry, to establish a factory in Egypt

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady, on the sidelines of the 20th session of Cairo ICT 2016, has witnessed the ceremonies of signing a number of framework agreements. Silicon Waha, specialized in establishing and developing technological parks, and the international Chinese company “ZTE”, signed an agreement to establish a factory for electronics in Borg Al Arab Technology Park.
The agreement stipulates that the new plant manufactures peripheral devices such as "ADSL”, “Routers" and "Modems". The factory is expected to produce one million devices in the first year, reach up to 60% of local manufacturing within 18 months from opening the plant and expand its exports to Arab and African markets. The agreement was signed by Silicon Waha Chairman Ahmed El-Sobky, and ZTE- Middle East Executive Vice President Ho Shaw.

ElKady also witnessed the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between Silicon Waha and the Chinese company Transsion (Techno mobile and affiliates), specialized in the field of electronic industries, to set up a factory for the company in Egypt on an area of 5000 square meters for producing mobile phones, tablets, LED lighting products and consumer electronics. This is in addition to discussing the company’s future plans to open a center for research and development and a center for software development in Egypt. The agreement was signed by El-Sobki and Transsion’s representative Yi Wakyang.

In the same context, the ICT Minister witnessed, the day before yesterday, the ceremony of signing a partnership and cooperation agreement between Silicon Waha, and "Shenzhen Haoing - Megan", a Chinese telecom technology company, and "SICO" for electronics. The agreement stipulates that the Chinese company establishes a plant for electronics in New Assiut Technology Park, for manufacturing and developing mobile phones, tablets and tracking devices, importing and exporting, recruiting and training engineers, technicians and other employees. The agreement was signed by El-Sobki, SICO Chairman Mohammed Salem and “Shenzhen Haoing – Megan” Chairman Lee Hongro.

In this regard, ElKady has stated that these three agreements are within the framework of the strategic partnership between Egypt and China in all fields, on top of which is the ICT sector. The three agreements come as part of implementing the national strategy adopted by the state in the field of implanting the electronics industry that target transforming Egypt into a regional center specialized in designing and manufacturing electronics. They are also in line with the presidential initiative to implant the electronics industry, which conform with the plans and objectives of the state’s overall development plan 2030.

He has also added that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has an ambitious plan to achieve this goal, which entails several objectives and areas, most notably of which is to reach $ 10 billion in the electronics industry market size in Egypt, increase export capabilities for companies operating in the field of electronics industry to reach $ 5 billion in the first phase, and provide more than 25 thousand new jobs for young people. This is in addition to increasing the number of companies operating in the field of manufacturing and outsourcing semiconductors, electronic chips, industrial systems and advanced disciplines to exceed 50 companies, and attracting foreign direct investments from companies involved in designing original models, and electronics manufacturers to initiate setting up large factories for electronics in Egypt.

ElKady also witnessed the launch of the new initiative between “Cisco” and “Algebra Ventures” to create a sustainable model for employment and provide new employment and investment opportunities in small projects that provide innovative solutions using advanced technology, announcing that MCIT supports and backs this initiative at all levels.

The ICT Minister also took part in the session "means of spreading technology to disseminate innovation in the African continent," during which he praised a young programmer who designed and produced three electronic games. During the session, ElKady stated that concerted efforts are needed to spread technology among African societies, underscoring that technology parks serve as an environment of creativity and entrepreneurship. He also called on the information technology society in African countries to benefit from those parks to support the advanced technologies produced by the content.

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