Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
9 June 2020
MCIT Cooperates with State Ministries, Institutions in Digital Transformation, Institutional Development, Service Automation

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) continues its efforts, in cooperation with the different ministries, State institutions and authorities, to support digital transformation and institutional development, following the projects carried out to transform Port Said City into the first digital governorate. This comes within the framework of the State’s strategy for building the digital Egypt, and in MCIT keenness to improve the quality and efficiency of the services rendered to citizens.
A range of interrelated services is to be launched in the coming period, including food subsidy, notarization, family court, comprehensive health insurance, social status, criminal justice, property registration offices  and electricity services, in Ismailia, Suez, South Sinai, Luxor and Aswan Governorates.
In this regard, MCIT is implementing ICT infrastructure projects in all the ministries, institutions and authorities, and is providing connection services using fiber optic technology. This is in addition to preparing and digitizing databases; recognizing the needed hardware and tools; listing and registering beneficiaries; automating work systems; forming IT and digital transformation sub-teams; providing technical and institutional support, software and technological tools to each system; sustaining projects and digital transformation and automating services.
MCIT is also working on creating IT and digital transformation units in all ministries and institutions, as well as evaluating nominees, building their capacities and developing their skills, to qualify them for working in those units.
Furthermore, in its role to attain institutional development and prepare for digital transformation in the five targeted governorates, MCIT joined forces with the Ministry of Local Development and the National Training Academy (NTA) to launch the fourth phase of the Professional Governmental Employee national initiative, provided through NTA website.
The program aims to build the capacities of the front office personnel, of senior, middle and supervisory ranks, who provide public services. It targets training 2,200 employees in the aforementioned governorates and their services authorities, with focusing on the health affairs authority in those governorates, to introduce the comprehensive health insurance system.
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