Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
24 June 2020
ICT, Public Business Sector Ministers Witness Signing Protocol to Implement Telecommunications Infrastructure for Digital Transformation Project

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Minister of Public Business Sector Hisham Tawfiq have witnessed, through video conferencing, the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Public Business Sector and Telecom Egypt (TE) to implement the telecommunications infrastructure for the digital transformation project for companies affiliated to the Ministry of Public Business Sector, through providing communication services using optical fiber technology.

The cooperation protocol was signed by the Advisor for Digital Transformation at the Ministry of Public Business Sector Mohamed Masoud and TE Managing Director and CEO Adel Hamed.
Pursuant to this protocol, TE provides hyperlink and Internet services to these companies at high speeds through optical fiber cables, to enable and develop digital transformation.

This protocol allows the use of optical fiber services in all companies affiliated to the Ministry of Public Business Sector in about 119 locations with the possibility of increasing this number according to the need of holding and affiliated companies. This will contribute to the deployment of mechanized services in those locations nationwide, where optical fiber technology supports increasing the efficiency of services provided, and supports providing more advanced services that keep pace with the requirements of sustainable development.

The signing of this protocol is within the plan of the Ministry of Public Business Sector to enhance the infrastructure of information and communication technology and digital services for its affiliated companies, and within the framework of the pivotal role that TE plays, being the first integrated telecom operator in implementing the system of development and comprehensive digital transformation with its advanced infrastructure throughout the country. This protocol is valid for two years and is renewed automatically.

The ICT Minister stated that the cooperation protocol comes within the framework of implementing the country's strategy for building digital Egypt, which is one of the significant pillars of the development of telecommunications infrastructure. He pointed out that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is cooperating with all the sectors of the state to enable it to complete the digital transformation processes, thus contributing to raising the efficiency of administrative work and providing digital government services to citizens through multiple channels.

In addition, Talaat stated that a plan is being implemented to link all government buildings nationwide with the fiber optic network within 36 months at a cost of up to EGP six billion. A number of 5,300 government buildings were connected to this network, targeting 32,000 government buildings.
For his part, the Minister of Public Business Sector ascertained that the signing of this protocol strongly supports the steps to develop and automate work systems in holding and affiliated companies, in light of the Ministry's program for digital transformation, which is the largest in the Middle East. The program includes planning and managing the resources of holding and affiliated companies for 63 companies as phase one, with investments of $ 50 million for licenses and $ three million annually to operate the data management and technical support center.

He, also, explained that the digital transformation of the Ministry's companies is progressing steadily in the framework of the government's program towards providing automated services, planning and managing the companies' resources. It aims to reach the efficiency goals for work progress, thus supporting the Ministry's comprehensive strategy to reform and develop its affiliated companies.

Masoud stated that this protocol is within phase three of digital transformation for business sector companies. Phase one began last year and ended with the development of policies and procedures for digital transformation, followed by phase two, which included programs of planning and managing corporate resources. After this phase, phase four which is the final one, will be launched. It includes the staff competencies preparation center for the system management.
"We are delighted to sign this protocol with the Ministry of Public Business Sector and to cooperate in implementing the digital transformation project for affiliated companies”, Hamed said. He added that TE is always keen to use all its capabilities to support the digital transformation system in the country, building on its technical expertise and strong infrastructure that has significantly developed in recent years.

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