29 July 2020
ICT Minister, AOI Head Witness Signing Protocol between AOI, ENPO to Develop Postal Services

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) Abdel Moneim Al-Tarras have witnessed, through videoconference, the signing of a cooperation protocol between AOI and the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), aiming to develop postal services, benefiting from AOI distinguished manufacturing capabilities and capacities.

The signing ceremony was attended by ENPO Acting Chairman Sherif  Farouk.

The two sides agreed on manufacturing 50 cars before the end of this year, including armored money transfer vehicles, according to standard specifications, as well as mobile post vehicles with ATMs, to serve places where there are no post offices, or remote areas, to reduce congestion at post offices. The vehicles will provide different e-services, monitoring and automatic control systems and digital transformation services, to meet the citizens’ needs of financial, government and postal services, as quickly as possible.

The ICT Minister underlined that the protocol will help leverage AOI manufacturing capabilities to meet ENPO needs, within the State’s efforts for encouraging local industry and promoting the national product. He commended AOI advanced capabilities and technical expertise.

The cooperation will help drive ENPO development plan, in line with its vital role as an outlet for providing Digital Egypt services, as well as its role in promoting financial inclusion through its offices spread nationwide, added Talaat.

For his part, Al-Tarras stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah el Sisi's directives to enhance constructive cooperation between the State institutions and leverage the national manufacturing capabilities to enhance the State's plan for deepening local industrialization and reducing imports in different industrialization areas.

He also highlighted that the development of postal services was researched through defining ENPO needs; underscoring the significance of deepening local manufacturing and exploiting AOI industrial capabilities to meet ENPO needs at reasonable prices and speedy implementation, according to international quality standards. He added that the after-sales service is a sustainable responsibility in all AOI projects.

The one year protocol aims to make optimal use of local resources and capabilities, in line with the State’s policy of favoring the local product and rationalizing financial resources.

According to the protocol, AOI will meet ENPO requirements, including its needs of electronic Points of Sale (POS), ATMs, security services, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), control rooms, modern technology, computers and computer networks. This is in addition to different types of equipment, solar power stations, energy-saving systems and smart water-saving systems, as well as the implementation of all construction and engineering projects and raising the efficiency of and maintaining buildings and facilities.

Farouk stated that AOI has technical expertise and overcomes any obstacles to establish cooperation in different areas with ultimate efficiency and the highest level of quality and speed in implementation. He explained that the cooperation contributes to achieving ENPO vision and implementing its strategic plans to transform into an advanced development institution, including a comprehensive plan for developing the postal services to upgrade ENPO services and enlarge its customer base.

The protocol was signed by ENPO Acting Chairman Abdo Elwan, and the Advisor to the Chairman and Acting Director General of AOI Gamal Eldeen Zaghloul.

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