Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
24 August 2020
ICT Minister Joins EPLP Applicants Interview Committees

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has participated in the interview committees for applicants of the third batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP), held at the National Training Academy (NTA) premises. The ICT Minister was invited by NTA Executive Director Rascha Ragheb.

Talaat commended NTA efforts to qualify the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus, and prepare highly qualified young calibers and leaders through training programs, designed in a way to merge between theoretical and applied studies. This comes within the state’s efforts to empower and qualify youth at different levels, to assume leadership positions.

The ICT Minister also highlighted the significance of investing in human minds and building young calibers, as a key driver of development, renovation and innovation within institutions. He stressed the need to concert efforts to implement the state's plan for building the Egyptian citizen and developing skills through specialized training programs, designed according to international standards and based on the latest technologies.

Talaat referred to the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in cooperation with different ministries, to develop and build the digital capabilities of the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus, with the aim to achieve institutional development, in line with the efforts to optimize government performance with the move to the New Administrative Capital and in light of building Digital Egypt.

The ICT Minister met Ragheb and a number of NTA officials, where he listened to an explanation about NTA training programs, EPLP objectives and contents and the applicants selection criteria.

EPLP aims to create a base of highly qualified calibers that are capable of understanding and using modern mechanisms in policy-making, managing decision-making, and adopting a modern style of thinking, in line with the latest successful international applications and models, thus qualifying them to hold various leadership positions. The program targets government employees in the 30-45 age group. The aim is to reach an integrated approach that links all agencies of the state’s administrative apparatus, in addition to different private calibers. EPLP is offered in cooperation with a number of international partners, with the aim to add an international dimension and transfer global experiences to the trainees.

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