Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
1 September 2020
Justice, ICT Ministers Open Citystars Notarization Office

The Minister of Justice Omar Marwan and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat opened, today, the special notarization office in Citystars shopping mall, in Nasr City, through which automated notarization services will be rendered to citizens, distinguishably.

This comes as a new step in the Digital Egypt system and within the framework of the national project for automating notarization offices, implemented in collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The project comes in the state’s keenness to develop work mechanisms to ease access of citizens to government services.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy ICT Minister for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Automation Khaled El Attar, and the Assistant Minister of Justice for Real Estate Registration Affairs Ashraf Mohamed Rizk.

Notarization services are provided through Citystars special notarization office through time- and effort-saving mechanisms, in exchange for additional fees. Services are provided through a pre-booking service, through the "أرغب في عمل توكيل" mobile application, launched to facilitate procedures for citizens, reduce congestion in offices and detect congestion in offices, moment by moment. This is in addition to providing notarization services, including the “create your official document” service, and others, through Digital Egypt platform, the pilot version of which was launched this month, within the framework of achieving the digital transformation.

The national project for automating notarization offices comprised a number of tasks, the most prominent of which were restructuring the infrastructure; shifting to the one-stop-shop services to reduce congestion in offices; applying a fully automated system, in line with the developed documentary cycle; and regulating traffic inside offices through applying a special electronic system. This is in addition to adding a number of technological centers and 109 post offices for providing notarization services, and opening many new notarization offices during this year to avoid congestion and render excellent services to citizens.

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