12 November 2020
Egypt Moves Up 55 Places on Government AI Readiness Index

Egypt has moved up 55 places on the Government Artificial Intelligence (AI) Readiness Index, to occupy the 56th rank out of 172 countries, compared to the 111th out of 194 countries, in 2019, according to the Government AI Readiness Index report, issued by Oxford Insights and the International Research Development Centre (IDRC).

According to the report, an approach for measuring the readiness of governments to use AI techniques was applied, based on three main pillars and 33 indicators, the most prominent of which are the availability of a national strategy for AI and data protection and privacy laws, the use of ICT and digital services, and the availability of an ICT infrastructure, digital skills and entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the report, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat underlined that the Egyptian government currently attaches high priority to AI. Egypt moving up 55 places in one year reflects the government’s huge efforts, the most prominent of which is adopting more modern technologies to provide Digital Egypt services.

Efforts also include implementing a major project for developing the ICT infrastructure, with investments amounting to about USD 1.6 billion, in 2019, with the second phase of the project implemented during the current fiscal year, with USD 300 million investments. In addition, the government has created an enabling legislative and legal environment to govern the uses of AI, involving issuing the Personal Data Protection Law that regulates the relationship between data owner and users.

Talaat also said that within the framework of the national strategy for AI, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) cooperates with major international companies to implement applied research projects through using AI in various state sectors, and transfer knowledge to the Egyptian youth.

Moreover, MCIT is collaborating with top-notch educational institutions and world class universities to develop digital cadres specialized in AI. MCIT, in addition, carries out capacity-building programs to train government and private sector employees, students and graduates on AI techniques. This is in addition to organizing awareness programs for all segments of society, to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of AI and how they can leverage this technology, regardless of their interests, and according to their area of specialization and work.

The Advisor to the ICT Minister for AI Golestan Radwan highlighted the effective developmental role of AI in all the state sectors, at economic, political and social levels, as well as the large number of parties benefiting from AI applications.

The government is currently working on implementing the national strategy for AI, that targets implanting technology and using AI applications to achieve Egypt's development goals in vital areas, such as agriculture, water management and rationalization, economic planning, culture, antiquities, industry and infrastructure. The strategy also aims to strengthen Egypt’s leadership at the regional level, and boost its effective role at the international level, in this field, Radwan added.

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