16 January 2021
Manpower, ICT Ministers Sign Protocol to Develop Manpower Ministry e-Portal, Enable Ministry Services on ‘Digital Egypt’ Platform

The Minister of Manpower Mohamed Saafan, and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat signed, today, a protocol of cooperation between the two ministries, at the Ministry of Manpower’s headquarters. The aim is to develop the Ministry of Manpower’s e-portal and enable its services on Digital Egypt platform.

This comes within the framework of leveraging ICT tools and technologies as a major driver of development for all services and businesses, with the aim to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, through developing the Ministry’s e-portal and automating some of its services.

Saafan stated that the protocol targets achieving digital transformation through improving the quality of services and boosting the efficiency of the work system at the Ministry of Manpower. This is in addition to enabling manpower e-services on Digital Egypt platform to serve citizens and reduce the time needed for processing government services, capitalizing on IT.

The Minister of Manpower also said that attaining digital transformation in Egypt requires cooperating with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), being the agency responsible for such transformation. The protocol covers all the work areas between the two ministries, therefore the Ministry of Manpower presented a list of all its responsibilities to MCIT, he added.

Furthermore, Saafan highlighted that the protocol acts as a starting point to the journey of cooperation between the two countries in several and future areas, on top of which are digital transformation and electronic operation. The protocol will pave the way for further cooperation in advanced topics.

For his part, the ICT Minister underlined that the cooperation is part of synergizing the state sectors’ efforts for building Digital Egypt. It also comes within MCIT role in harnessing modern technologies to empower the state sectors to achieve the digital transformation and develop their work systems.

Talaat added that the two Ministries will cooperate drawing on a strategic vision that is based on two main pillars. The first is the technical aspect, including developing the Ministry of Manpower’s e-portal, improving the quality of and enabling its services on Digital Egypt platform. The second is the educational aspect and capacity building. This involves providing technical training on a digital platform connected to the Ministry’s e-portal, as well as building the capacities of the Ministry’s personnel who will move to the New Administrative Capital.

The protocol will serve decision makers through providing the supporting indicators and developing the personnel’s personal and technical skills to boost the work efficiency, said the ICT Minister. This is in addition to proposing means for identifying appropriate education and training priorities for the training plans, to meet the needs of the labor market and supply the strategic sectors and development projects with the necessary local competencies and skills, he added.

The protocol involves developing the e-portal through creating a compatible website with different mobile phones, computers and tablets, comprising all the services and work provided by the Ministry of Manpower. This is in addition to creating analytical reports for the Ministry’s work system, providing decision makers with the information and analytical data necessary for follow-up and development, and integrating with Digital Egypt platform to provide sets of services.

Moreover, the protocol encompasses developing and linking the e-services to Digital Egypt platform, through automating the most in-demand services: registration certificates, skill level measurement certificates, profession practicing licenses and foreigners work permits. The protocol also provides for training the personnel who will move to the New Administrative Capital, according to the agreed standards and action plan.

Pursuant to the protocol, an educational digital platform will be created, providing technical training and continuing development to the society through the e-portal. The platform will comprise an e-learning system, virtual classes and enhanced digital content. A team from the Ministry of Manpower will be trained and qualified to manage the platform and create the content.

Prior to the signing, the Minister of Manpower welcomed the ICT Minister and the team from MCIT responsible for the protocol, at the Ministry of Manpower’s headquarters.

Saafan underscored that MCIT took full responsibility of the digital transformation file in Egypt. He expressed his happiness with the collaboration with MCIT to achieve a smooth and fast transfer to the New Administrative Capital, in a way that reflects the modernity of Egypt. It has been decided that the transfer of the ministries and their affiliated organizations will be completely electronic.

The Minister of Manpower thanked MCIT team for their efforts in digitizing work at the Ministry of Manpower and its departments. He added that his Ministry is undertaking a large number of activities that need to be digitized before the transfer to the New Administrative Capital.

After signing the protocol, the two Ministers inspected one of the mobile training units that the Ministry of Manpower developed and rolled out to cover villages and hamlets nationwide. The ICT Minister commended the Ministry of Manpower’s effort in developing those units, and proposed carrying out a workshop on computer maintenance, as part of the training programs organized in collaboration between the two Ministries under the protocol.

After the signing ceremony, the two Ministers exchanged honorary shields.

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