2 June 2021
MCIT, NPA Witness Signing Protocol to Create App for NPA

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Chairman of the National Press Authority (NPA) Abdel-Sadek El-Shorbagy have witnessed the signing of a protocol of cooperation to create an electronic application for NPA, in line with the rapid technological changes in IT. This is in addition to creating another application for developing the technological infrastructure of Akhbar El-Yom, a national press institution.

From the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Raafat Hindy, the Advisor to the Minister for Media Mohamed Hanafy, the Advisor to the Minister for Public Relations Ehab Sadek, the Director of the Minister’s Office Sector Moataz Taha, the Assistant to the Minister for Technical Affairs Rana Hetta, and the General Manager of the Technology Infrastructure Development Projects Department Azza Yehia.

From NPA, the meeting was attended by Undersecretary Ahmed Mokhtar; NPA Members Fatma Sayed Ahmed, Walid Abdel Aziz, Osama Abu Basha, and Sameh Abdallah, and NPA Legal Consultant Medhat Lashin. From Akhbar El-Yom, Chairperson Ahmed Galal; Hisham El Feky and Ahmed Salah attended the meeting.

The ICT Minister stressed that signing the protocol comes within the cooperation for empowering media institutions to use digital technologies to raise the efficiency of media performance and create attractive interactive digital content in line with the global technological changes in media. The signing also reflects MCIT keenness to cooperate with all the State sectors in building Digital Egypt, added Talaat, highlighting the pivotal role of media in raising awareness and serving the national interest.

For his part, El-Shorbagy said that the national press is one of the country’s pillars, front lines of defense and soft power tools. The idea of creating an electronic press application came in NPA keenness to keep pace with the rapid technological changes, develop the national electronic press, and create an exemplary application that represents the Egyptian press.

The protocol between MCIT and NPA aims to develop NPA technological infrastructure, make its digital content available, publish local and international news around the clock, report the news as they happen, use ICT in the Egyptian press, keep abreast of the rapid development in the IT industry, and improve news editorial services and digital press.

The one-year protocol includes three pillars. The first is creating a mobile application for NPA through creating and developing a comprehensive application for publishing local and international news around the clock, and the news PDF files in newspapers and publications of national press institutions and others; as well as integrating with the electronic payment system through an accurate and secure accounting system for following up on financial transactions moment by moment.

The second pillar is the ICT infrastructure; it includes providing the appropriate and necessary hosting environment for the project, and creating a news editorial room for NPA. The third pillar is training, including training and upskilling the employees administering the mobile application. The protocol was signed by Hindy and Mokhtar.

On the other hand, the protocol with Akhbar El-Yom aims to develop its technological infrastructure; make its digital content available through developing a number of applications; develop and automate its human resources, finance, warehouse, electronic archive and microfilm systems using computers, Internet and ICT.

The two-year protocol involves carrying out a number of projects, including establishing and equipping a data center, developing Akhbar El-Yom website, integrating with the electronic archive and microfilm systems, and creating a mobile application for Akhbar El-Yom. This is in addition to creating and equipping an advanced room for administering the website; a smart room for administering the related social media accounts, with developing its own application; and an advanced center for translation and publishing.

Moreover, the protocol includes automating the financial and administrative work cycles among Akhbar El-Youm departments, and providing training courses and conducting assessments for the basic computer skills certification to upskill and qualify journalists and administrative officers to use computers. The protocol was signed by Hindy and Galal.

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