Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
23 October 2021
MCIT, Microsoft Co-Launch Scholarship to Equip 1,000 Young People with DX Technologies

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in cooperation with Microsoft, has launched an advanced scholarship to build the capacities of 1,000 young graduates and prepare them for future jobs in Digital Transformation (DX) technologies. The scholarship provides a number of training courses in topics related to the technological and information infrastructure, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, management of cloud computing operations, advanced programming and database management.
The scholarship is within the framework of MCIT strategy to build "Digital Egypt" and forge an Egyptian digital society, where digital technology impacts every aspect of life. In light of the agreements concluded between the Egyptian government, represented by MCIT, and Microsoft, many projects are implemented within the framework of achieving the digital transformation at several entities in the state’s administrative apparatus.
The scholarship aims to achieve knowledge and know-how in advanced technologies through intensive digital training. This is in addition to providing several training platforms, virtual classes and practical exercises to upskill the trainees to reach the internationally desired level of specialization in theory and practice. At the end of the training, trainees receive specialized certificates.

In addition, the scholarship aims to refine the skills of young people and qualify them to effectively contribute to the tech renaissance in the country, thus achieving Digital Egypt, believing in and relying on the competence and ability of Egyptian youth to absorb the technologies of the coming era that qualifies them to work and compete in both the global and local market.

It is worth noting that MCIT is implementing a strategy to prepare and qualify Egyptian calibers and enable them to obtain international professional certificates from major international companies. Due to their trust in the efficiency of Egyptian human resources and readiness to receive high-level professional training, major international companies are keen to establish partnerships with MCIT in the field of digital capacity building.

To register for the scholarship, kindly use the below link:

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