9 December 2021
Justice, ICT Ministers Discuss Cooperation

The Minister of Justice Omar Marwan and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat have held a meeting in the presence of the Chairman of the Secured and Smart Documents Complex Sameh Al-Akari and officials from the two ministries.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Justice welcomed the ICT Minister and the attendees. He praised the role of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in contributing to the development of the electronic litigation system, a role that culminated in launching the platform for remote litigation before Economic Courts.

The Minister of Justice said that the spirit of cooperation and understanding that brings the two ministries together was key to successful projects. He added that there will be more cooperation between the two ministries and the Secured and Smart Documents Complex to carry out several tech-enabled projects.

Moreover, Marwan reviewed several joint projects, including converting speech into text, which has already been implemented in several courts.

The two sides agreed on developing the project to make optimum utilization and include the possibility of converting speech in any language into Arabic while avoiding the overlapping sounds. They also agreed on increasing the number of anti-counterfeit certificate issuing units and distributing them on a wide scale to serve citizens.

The Minister of Justice pointed to the need to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the personal status system and start working on this project immediately given its important role in the Egyptian society. The project will be implemented through preparing the information infrastructure that enables a speedy and accurate decision-making process in personal status-related issues.

For his part, the ICT Minister stressed that MCIT spares no effort to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice within the framework of the concerted efforts of the state sectors to adopt modern technologies to build Digital Egypt. He explained that the success achieved in joint projects stimulates further cooperation and constructive partnership in developing the litigation system.

Talaat highlighted that the Digital Egypt Justice Project, which is carried out in cooperation between the two ministries, will represent a breakthrough in the litigation system. The project aims to achieve digital transformation in the Egyptian judiciary, build a single litigation system that contributes to raising the efficiency of the judicial system, and facilitate procedures for citizens, lawyers, and litigants.

Talaat stressed the need to employ and apply AI and its application in the personal status system to help provide a circle of knowledge, thus enabling a quick and accurate decision-making process.

The Chairman of the Secured and Smart Documents Complex Sameh Al-Akari referred to the joint projects between the Ministry of Justice and the Complex and the mechanisms for developing such projects in the coming period.

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