2 January 2022
ICT Minister Witnesses Launch of ‘Wassalha’ AI-Powered Shipping Service

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has witnessed the launch of “Wassalha,” an advanced shipping service that capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geographic information system (GIS) techniques.

Wassalha is one of the postal logistic services provided by Egypt Post to serve e-commerce customers, merchants and buyers, by delivering products sold online from sellers to consumers, in addition to serving all citizens desiring to ship parcels from door to door and benefit from Egypt Post services.

Furthermore, customers can obtain a shipping and delivery service through Wassalha application and Egypt Post website through Wassalha e-platform. Moreover, a door-to-door shipping order can be placed by calling Egypt Post customer service center at 16789, as well as inquiring about and ordering the service through chatbot. Wassalha service also enables merchants and manufacturers to electronically create their parcels, print the bill of lading, and request Post representatives to receive parcels from the production site or ship them easily and conveniently through the nearest post office. They can also request the collection of a certain amount upon delivery, so that Egypt Post collects and deposits the amount in the customer’s account with Egypt Post, whether in a savings account, a current account or a prepaid card.

The service was launched during Talaat’s visit to the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) premises in Smart Village, where he was received by ENPO Chairman Sherif Farouk.

Talaat emphasized that Egypt Post is one of the pillars of Digital Egypt, which necessitated the adoption of modern technologies, especially AI, within the framework of the digital transformation system to develop postal and logistical services provided to citizens. He explained that the new service comes within the framework of the comprehensive development that Egypt Post is witnessing in order to reformulate its role and optimize its capabilities, especially with the wide spread of its branches throughout the Republic.

The ICT Minister pointed out that the postal development plan includes providing services in a way that keeps pace with global developments and meets the needs of citizens, as well as expanding the provision of new services to maximize the benefit from Egypt Post’s logistical and digital capabilities. The new service follows the various packages of services provided by Egypt Post, which includes postal, financial and logistical services, in addition to Digital Egyptservices. Talaat stressed the importance of the new service in light of the continuous and significant growth witnessed by the e-commerce market at the local and global levels.

Egypt Post delivered a presentation on digitally managing the traffic of Egypt Post’s land transport fleet, not only through GPS tracking techniques, but by using the latest AI techniques by planning itineraries using AI technology, digitally issuing the daily operating order and GIS movement monitoring, in addition to creating geographical ranges determining the movement of the vehicle and issuing an alarm in case of deviation from the specified GIS range, whether mail transport vehicles or distribution services vehicles, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics operations of Egypt Post to improve the quality of services.

For his part, Farouk declared that Egypt Post is currently witnessing a great development at all levels, including the modernization and development of financial, postal and logistic services. He pointed out that the new service enables all customers, whether companies or individuals, to use the digital platform for postal and logistic services provided by Egypt Post and request the service through the many digital service delivery channels, which is represented in registering through the website or mobile application or contacting with Egypt Post customer service through the hotline 16789 or chatbot.

The service provides the possibility of requesting Egypt Post representative for door-to-door shipping or shipping from the post office to the door. Farouk stressed that Egypt Post always seeks to continuously improve the quality of services to provide the best for all citizens across the country to include all categories and segments of Egyptian society with its financial, postal and logistic services at a high standard of quality at competitive prices.

Talaat also inspected the vehicles of Egypt Post fleet. The fleet was reinforced with 168 new vehicles that joined Egypt Post fleet during 2021. Additionally, ICT Minister listened to a detailed explanation from Farouk on the control vehicle, which was equipped for field control, as it enables the live tracking of the vehicles of the Egypt Post fleet, controlling the movement of vehicles and their commitment to the speed and specified geographical scope, as well as the deadlines planned according to the movement of the traffic.

The Minister also listened to Farouk’s presentation on the achievements of Egypt Post on the World Post Day, as a boom was achieved in postal and logistic services, including digital transformation and the development of postal operations in accordance with international standards. The visual image was also modified and developed.

Moreover, the efficiency of 50% of the logistics transport fleet was raised, and the second phase of the development of the Consolidation Hub at Cairo Airport was completed in accordance with international standards related to postal security, in addition to digital empowerment and financial inclusion for owners of small and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the development of services that enable access to local and international markets through Wassalha platform and application and collect and deposit their dues in their accounts with Egypt Post. Farouk also handed over to Talaat a letter, and his digital signature was obtained on the Wassalha application, as the first delivery process to take place on the digital service platform.

It is worth noting that Wassalha provides Egypt Post customers with a unique experience in obtaining postal services and enhances the concept of a digital society. Customers can place pickup orders after placing their shipment data, with specific dispatch dates according to the desire of each customer. The service also provides the possibility of tracking shipments at every stage until delivery through the website, or Wassalha application. It is also possible to communicate with Egypt Post representatives.

With regard to the importance of the service to small manufacturers and producers, the service provides an integrated shipping platform that enables them to prepare and ship their products at competitive prices and easily and conveniently manage their logistics operations. In addition to providing reports and a dashboard, it provides instant insight into the status of processing, distributing and receiving parcels and financial receipts.

In a related context, Talaat approved the commemorative stamp of the World Post Day, which ENPO issued on the occasion of the 157th World Post Day, celebrated on January 2nd of each year. This day was in commemoration of the Khedive Ismail, ruler of Egypt in 1865, who purchased the European post operating in Egypt, which he called the Khedivial Post.

On this occasion, Talaat congratulated ENPO Board of Directors and staff, calling for more effort and diligent work to serve citizens and maintain the distinguished position that Egypt Post enjoys among citizens.

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