24 January 2022
ICT Minister Visits New Beni Suef Tech Park, Opens Three Post Offices, Inspects Workflow in Telecom Egypt Beni Suef Store

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Governor of Beni Suef Mohamed Hani Ghoneim had an inspection tour in New Beni Suef Technology Park.

They were received by the CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Amr Mahfouz and the Managing Director and CEO of Silicon Waha for technology parks Hashem Mansy.

During the inspection tour, the ICT Minister discussed with officials of New Beni Suef Technology Park the possibility of establishing a Creativa Innovation hub at the Technology Park.

The Technology Park in Beni Suef includes the outsourcing building, citizen service building, training building that includes the Faculty of Engineering at Nahda University, and the companies building.

The Technology Park offers several activities, including providing several programmes and initiatives launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) with the aim of empowering and qualifying segments of Egyptian society for digital transformation within Digital Egypt strategy.

Furthermore, it includes programs offered to hone youth’s skills in various ICT specializations, and develop youth in all different fields, such as soft skills and e-marketing.

New Beni Suef Technology Park also provides activities to support the outsourcing industry by providing training courses for the development of youth in various language skills such as English and German, as well as motivating the youth in the field of entrepreneurship through training programs, incubation programs and accelerators, in addition to organizing training sessions and workshops with many local and international industry leaders of various fields to transfer expertise to the youth.

It is noteworthy that the project to spread technology parks in the governorates is one of the major national projects adopted by MCIT and implemented by Silicon Waha, which undertakes and promotes the enhancement and development of technology parks to attract investments.

In a related context, Talaat and Ghoneim opened three post offices in the Governorate, namely the Beni Suef Post Office, El-Mermah Post Office, and Moqbel Post Office, after developing and providing them with the latest systems and technological solutions to provide all financial, postal, and governmental services to citizens.

Furthermore, they were accompanied on the opening tour by the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Chairman Sherif Farouk.
During the tour, the ICT Minister confirmed that Beni Suef Governorate has about 120 post offices, where more than 80 offices have been developed.

Moreover, work is being done to develop the rest of post offices in the Governorate and raise their efficiency to provide Digital Egypt services, and financial and postal services to citizens in the Governorate.

An open dialogue took place between the ICT Minister and the postal workers, as Talaat praised the efforts of the workers. Furthermore, he urged them to exert more effort to provide services to citizens in a distinguished manner in view of the important role played by Egypt Post and in view of the confidence it enjoys with the Egyptian citizen.

For his part, Farouk said that opening the post offices is within the framework of the comprehensive strategic plan implemented by Egypt Post, which aims at developing, raising the efficiency of, and providing post offices with the latest systems and advanced technological solutions to ensure that all services are provided to citizens with ease. Furthermore, he pointed out that the completion rates in the plan to develop post offices nationwide are going higher than the agreed time rates, as the development of 3,242 post offices nationwide has been completed, with an achievement rate exceeding 77%.

The Beni Suef Mahatta Post Office is located on an area of 106 square meters, equipped with an automatic teller machine (ATM), and serves approximately 30,000 citizens. While El-Mermah Post Office is located on an area of 116 square meters, equipped with an ATM, and serves approximately 40,000 citizens; Moqbel Post office is located on an area of 69 square meters, and serves approximately 30,000 citizens.

The total number of developed post offices in the Governorate is 84, including five offices within Decent Life initiative. Furthermore, the rest of the offices are being completed during the current year.

The ICT Minister and the Governor of Beni Suef, accompanied by ENPO Chairman, also inspected the construction phases of the administrative building of the Beni Suef postal area, which is located on an area of 350 square meters and consists of a post office, eight administrative floors and a parking lot.

Also, the ICT Minister and the Governor of Beni Suef inspected the work progress at Telecom Egypt Beni Suef store, where they were received by the Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt Adel Hamed, and several company leaders in the Governorate.

Talaat praised the efforts made by Telecom Egypt employees to implement the development and modernization works of the infrastructure and support the digital transformation process in the Governorate, and the integrated services provided by WE stores to citizens throughout the week.

The number of landlines in WE Beni Suef store is about 67,324 lines. Moreover, the store provides integrated communication services from landline, data, mobile, telegraph and technical support contracts on all days of the week, and is daily visited by nearly 600 citizens.

It is noteworthy that Talaat visited, this morning, Samsung factory for manufacturing educational tablets, located in Kom Abu Radi industrial zone in Al Wasta district in Beni Suef Governorate, and witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote digital community development for the citizens of Beni Suef Governorate.

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