Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
1 February 2022
ICT Minister Visits Knowledge City Site, MCIT HQ in New Administrative Capital

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat had an inspection tour, today, inside the Knowledge City, established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) following the latest technological systems, in the New Administrative Capital, to explore the latest developments in the construction of phase one of the project. The Knowledge City is aimed at building an information society through which research and innovation in advanced technologies are supported, investments of global technology companies are attracted, and technical training to prepare promising generations capable of implementing projects to build Digital Egypt is provided.

It is noteworthy that phase one of the Knowledge City is scheduled to open this year. Its construction cost has amounted to 3.2 billion EGP. The City includes four buildings, including a building for innovation and applied research, another one for technical training, a building for Research and Development (R&D) in Assistive Technology (AT), and Egypt University of Informatics (EUI), which is specialized in ICT sciences and related fields.

During his tour, the ICT Minister thanked the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority for its efforts to complete the construction of the Knowledge City at the highest level.

Talaat, also, inspected MCIT headquarters in the Government District in the New Administrative Capital, to check the implementation status and the readiness of the new headquarters to receive MCIT employees in light of the government’s preparations to move to the New Administrative Capital.

The ICT Minister toured the building, where he listened to a detailed explanation on the construction of the seven-storey building, which accommodates about 1,800 employees. Around 1,350 employees are scheduled to move to the new headquarters.

Talaat was briefed on the facilities and services included in the new headquarters, in which the application of international standards and keeping pace with technological developments were taken into account. In addition, he inspected some offices and meeting rooms that had been fully equipped and supplied with the necessary equipment.

During his inspection tour inside the building, the ICT Minister praised the work he witnessed to equip the building using advanced technologies and in a manner that befits the civilized development witnessed by Egypt and its vision of building the new republic. Talaat stressed that work is being done to establish a strong information infrastructure in accordance with the latest technologies of ICT sciences to enable the government to move to the New Administrative Capital as a participatory digital government that exchanges data between all its entities, as well as with citizens through paperless transactions, which is an essential pillar for building Digital Egypt.

Talaat explained that cooperation is taking place with state agencies and institutions to build a digital work system for the government to achieve the transformation into a participatory paperless government based on several pillars aimed at digitizing government work cycles, developing public services, achieving interconnection among government agencies, as well as conducting rational management of government resources and projects, developing indicators to measure the performance of government agencies, and building a system for managing citizens’ complaints.

The ICT Minister was accompanied on his inspection tour by Deputy ICT Minister for Infrastructure Raafat Hindy, Assistant ICT Minister for Strategy and Implementation Sherine El-Guindy, Head of the Central Department of Human Resources at the MCIT Ayman Hassan and a number of MCIT leaders.

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