Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
23 February 2022
ICT Minister Witnesses Launch of Yalla Super App

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has witnessed the launch of Yalla, the first super app in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa that provides various financial and non-financial solutions to individuals, merchants and payment service providers (PSP). The App was developed by Egypt Post, in cooperation with Visa and PaySky.

During the event, Talaat said that launching Yalla Super App is within the framework of the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) for building Digital Egypt, adding that Egypt Post plays a vital role in implementing the programs and initiatives of such ambitious strategy.

Talaat highlighted the comprehensive development achieved at Egypt Post, in terms of the structure of post offices and the services they deliver. Egypt Post has been expanding its network, developing its offices and automating its services while working on delivering new types of services besides postal services. New services include government and financial services, most notably Yalla Super App, which will allow broader access to services and contribute to promoting financial inclusion among a larger number of citizens, especially young people, by facilitating their access to a range of financial services such as payment and money transfer.

The ICT Minister praised the productive partnership between Egypt Post and the private sector to launch the App. He added that the App won the Postal Innovation Award from the Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed), reflecting Egypt’s leadership and the innovative and creative capabilities that the ICT sector enjoys.

For his part, the Chairman of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Sherif Farouk stated that launching Yalla Super App in collaboration with PaySky and Visa builds on Egypt Post’s efforts to upgrade of its services and introduce new ones that target different customers. Yalla Super App adds to the successes that Egypt Post has achieved over the past period at the regional and international levels, Farouk said.  He added that the App is an embodiment of the national plan for bringing about digital transformation and financial inclusion and introducing advanced digital channels to render quality and affordable financial and non-financial services to citizens.

In her remarks, Country Manager Egypt – Visa Malak El Baba underlined that customer expectations get higher amid digital transformation and financial inclusion, pushing the company to strive and work through partnerships to provide digital innovation, implementation, technical support, consultation, analyses and other customer-related services, capitalizing on Visa’s global experience. Visa also relies on its network of 70 million point of sale (POS) terminals in more than 200 countries.

El Baba added that Visa is committed to developing innovative and advanced solutions such as Yalla Super App to meet the needs and expectations of individuals, merchants and institutions.

Founder and CEO of PaySky Waleed Sadek stated that his company realizes the importance of strategic partnerships among service providers to develop the market and facilitate transactions. Yalla cards can be ordered through the App or post offices nationwide, where it can also be recharged; activated though Egypt Post ATMs, linked to the App, and used for payment, money transfer and other services.

Launching Yalla Super App is part of the efforts to support the national plans aimed at achieving financial inclusion and digital transformation, and Egypt Post’s endeavor to provide innovative financial and non-financial solutions to individuals, merchants and companies, using advanced systems and solutions. Yalla App provides several benefits and financial services such as payment, money transfer, online shopping, saving, investing, managing and keeping a record of daily expenses through a user-friendly, highly-secured digital platform.

Yalla Super App offers many financial and non-financial solutions, including Yalla Money for money transfers, for individuals and merchants; Yalla Bills for paying all kinds of bills and balance recharging; Yalla Pharmacy for scanning medical prescriptions, ordering medications and delivering them to people’s homes; Yalla Offers, which enables discounts and special offers in a wide network of brands, restaurants, and others; Yalla Mall for different purchases; Yalla Insurance for different types of insurance, including health insurance; and Yalla Transportation for booking transportation and inter-governorate travel tickets. The App also features ENPO Digital for delivering Egypt Post services such as locating ATMs and post offices, Win loyalty program, and government, education and housing services.

It is worth noting that Egypt Post won the Postal Innovation Award for developing Yalla Super App. The award was presented by PUMed, which includes 15 European and nine Arab member countries.

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