Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
25 February 2022
ICT Minister Witnesses Signing Protocol between Telecom Egypt, IBM

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between Telecom Egypt and IBM Egypt to provide internationally accredited training and professional programs to develop the professional skills of students and teachers at WE Schools for Applied Technology using the IBM SkillsBuild educational platform (

WE Schools for Applied Technology was launched in the governorates as the first smart schools in ICT. The schools are developed and run by Telecom Egypt in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to create an integrated educational system capable of developing technical education in Egypt, with the aim of improving the quality of outputs and levels of professional skill. This is to keep pace with international standards and meet the needs of telecommunications market by providing technical labor qualified and able to compete locally and globally.

The ICT Minister confirmed that the protocol aims at benefitting from the great experiences of IBM in qualifying students at WE Schools for Applied Technology to provide flexible and diverse learning opportunities, prepare a generation of technical workforce with advanced skills in ICT, and provide a model that allows the combination of learning and practical application in a way that can change the stereotype of technical education.

Talaat pointed out that six technical schools were developed and converted into applied technology schools specialized in ICT in different governorates, equipped with the latest technological laboratories. He said that he looks forward to increasing the number of schools, with a focus on in-demand modern specializations, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the establishment and maintenance of fiber-optic networks.

Under the protocol, IBM, in cooperation with Telecom Egypt, will guide and train students and teachers at WE School for Applied Technology in various governorates by making the P-TECH educational model and the IBM SkillsBuild platform available.

The protocol also provides training for teachers on the principles of effective education, the latest strategies, teaching methodologies, technical programs, and training of administrative staff on the latest administrative applications based on the use of electronic files, data analysis and reporting to maintain the quality of education. Additionally, IBM will participate in supporting the planning of skills required for study by drawing industry needs maps.

For his part, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt Adel Hamed said that his company is pleased with the cooperation with IBM, a world leader in ICT and Telecom Egypt’s reliable long-term partner. The cooperation confirms Telecom Egypt’s constant endeavor to provide  distinguished graduates to the local and international labor markets and train teachers according to the latest international systems and standards. He added that supporting education is one of the most important pillars of the company’s social responsibility, believing in the vital role of supporting society and the ICT industry in Egypt.

The General Manager for IBM Egypt Marwa Abbas said that IBM is pleased to cooperate with Telecom Egypt in building the skills of Egyptian youth, supporting applied technology schools, transferring global experiences to young people, and qualifying them for the modern labor market, in line with MCIT strategy. She added that throughout its long history in the Egyptian market, IBM has been keen to invest in human development through a wide range of programs and initiatives for young people of all ages, that the company implements according to the latest international standards.

IBM Global Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility Justina Nixon said that the protocol represents the latest step in IBM commitment to developing the skills of 30 million people worldwide by 2030. She added that the cooperation with Telecom Egypt is an excellent opportunity to locally lead the development of young people’s experience and skills to help launch economic opportunities and achieve prosperity.

The protocol is aimed at training more than 1,000 students annually at WE Schools for Applied Technology in various governorates, in ICT, and more than 300 teachers and administrators working in those schools.

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