27 May 2022
ICT Minister Witnesses Launch of ‘My Signature’ e-Signature Service

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has witnessed the launch of "My Signature" digital signature service. The launch of the service was one of the collaboration results between Fixed Misr for digital solutions and cybersecurity— a company licensed to provide digital signature services, and Etisalat Misr—an all-in-one ICT service operator in Egypt.
The service is part of the efforts to render more e-signature and value-added services (VAS) to businesses, institutions, and individuals, in line with the national orientation toward fulfilling the key pillars of the digital transformation strategy.
Under the launch, Etisalat Misr will make e-signature services available to corporate and individual users through its stores, helping expand digital signature, optimize administrative work, and avail IT tools and applications. Accordingly, this will support digital transformation, help keep up with today’s advancements, and add to Egypt's competitive advantages and digital readiness at all levels.
Earlier, the ICT Minister witnessed the signing of a cooperation contract between Fixed Misr and Etisalat Misr within the framework of rendering digital signature services through Etisalat’s network of stores. The contract was signed by the Managing Director of Fixed Misr Mahmoud Tawfiq and CEO of Etisalat Misr Hazem Metwally.
The signing ceremony was attended by Deputy ICT Minister for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Automation Khaled El Attar, Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib, Assistant ICT Minister for Strategy and Implementation Sherine El-Guindy, Assistant ICT Minister for Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Mohamed Nasr Eldin, Chairman of Etisalat Misr Gamal El Sadat, and a number of officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the two companies.
In his statement, Talaat has underscored that the digital signature is the key to building Digital Egypt. He has added that e-signature services faced several challenges since the national e-Signature Law passed in 2004. He has explained the three stages of developing the digital signature system: developing the legislative structure, updating the technological infrastructure, and launching the service, followed by introducing e-signature-powered applications and facilitating citizens’ access to them.
Several years ago, Talaat has remarked, the reform process of the legislative framework and governance structure of the digital signature system started. Related legislation was revisited and the executive regulations of the e-Signature Law were amended and updated to include newer technologies, including e-seal and timestamp. Currently, the regulatory framework is reviewed to introduce services such as secure electronic transaction (SET) and digital authentication, the ICT Minister has said.
Moreover, Talaat has highlighted that the e-signature technology is introduced in phases; the first has already kicked off, covering inter-governmental services, including the law enforcement system. He has added that digitally-signed documents will be circulated among government employees, with the relocation to the New Administrative Capital, as a participatory, paperless government.
Phase two features the services provided by the government to businesses and institutions, including e-invoice and investment services involving e-signature. The third phase, however, covers the services that the government offers to citizens so they can verify their identities remotely.
Talaat has commented that the cooperation between Etisalat Misr and Fixed Misr—which was licensed by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) to provide digital signature services—is of paramount importance. This significance lies in making modern technology available and facilitating citizens’ access to it through Etisalat’s wide network of stores. The partnership represents an exemplary model of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and a stepping stone to push forward this frontier technology, he has added.
Furthermore, the ICT Minister has revealed that more than 130 services were made available on the Digital Egypt platform, with more e-signature-powered services to be available soon. He has underlined the significance of upskilling and training individuals in ICT-related sciences such as cybersecurity. Talaat has stressed the need to raise public awareness of e-signature, how to use it, and the legal responsibility associated with such technology.
It is worth noting that ITIDA authorized Fixed Misr to engage in the digital signature activity. The company issues ratification certificates and provides services, including e-seal and timestamp, for corporates and individuals in Egypt under Law No. 15 of 2004 and its Executive Regulations, the provisions stipulated in the activity license, and all that ITIDA approves in this regard.
The aim of the partnership between the two companies is to provide digital signature solutions through Etisalat stores, allowing individuals and institutions to conduct banking transactions, deal with government agencies, carry out service-related transactions, and sign documents securely.
The launch of the My Signature service is part of ITIDA efforts to promote the use of digital signatures on a large scale and govern electronic activities and transactions in a way that contributes to realizing "Digital Egypt" strategy. That was highlighted by ITIDA Vice President for Electronic Transactions Security Hazem Nabil in a statement on behalf of CEO Amr Mahfouz. Nabil has presented the efforts that ITIDA team exerted for 11 months, starting with the announcement of Fixed Misr as the recipient of the digital signature activity license, the issuance of the operating permit in March, and the launch of the service in partnership with Etisalat.
For his part, Fixed Misr Managing Director Mahmoud Tawfiq has highlighted that the agreement is a major milestone in his company’s endeavor to ensure the sustainability of services and render them through a secure integrated technological system. The system will help fulfill the private sector’s requirements and make sure global standards are met when operating and developing mechanisms and tools that ensure integrating with different systems and meeting needs on the national and international fronts.
Etisalat CEO Metwally has said he was pleased with that significant milestone in cementing the company’s leading position in supporting business sectors and introducing cutting-edge applications and services that help businesses conduct operations digitally in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.
In collaboration with Fixed Misr, Etisalat has ambitious plans to advance and promote digital signature by finalizing contracting and selling processes, issuing ratification certificates, and rendering e-seal and timestamp services through Etisalat stores available nationwide. This will ensure clients have a seamless experience when carrying out business operations, and it will accelerate the digital transformation, Metwally has added.

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